Can A Hot Tub Be Used As A Pool In Summer?

By Jon Filson

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Can a Hot Tub Be Used as a Pool in Summer?


Many of us who live in the Great White North believes the prime hot-tubbing season is in the middle of the winter. What better way to warm up than soaking in a hot tub while snowflakes fall and your breath creates a foggy vapour? But what about hot-tubbing in the middle of the summer? Is soaking in hot water when the air temperature is hovering around 30 degrees Celsius comfortable or even recommended? What about using your hot tub to cool off in instead? Can a hot tubbe used as pool in summer? In this article, we’ll show how you can ensure your hot tub gets used all year round.


The Ideal Summer Hot Tub Schedule


When you’re in the middle of a full blown summer, the temperatures will be at the highest at midday. This means if you want to use your hot tub without worrying about overheating it’s best to soak in the evening and the early morning. Once the sun comes out the temperatures will start to rise again which might make it uncomfortable for midday hot tubbing. A way around this is to turn off the hot water heater during the day and use your hot tub as a kind of cooling off plunge pool. In the late afternoon, you can turn the heater on again and have your hot tub ready to provide a warm massage before you go to bed.


Hot Tub Summer Temperatures


During the colder months, most people have the temperature of their hot tub completely cranked. The maximum recommended temperature of a hot tub is 40 degrees Celsius. But there’s no rule saying you need to run your hot tub at this temperature during the summer as well. You can simply turn down the temperature of the water to allow for comfortable use in hot weather. Some types of hot tubs allow you to turn the heater off altogether while still being able to enjoy the massaging water jets.


Making A Rainy Day Even Better


One of the joys of owning a hot tub during a summer rain shower is the sensation of soaking in warm water while allowing the raindrops to cool your head and face. As long as there’s no lightning, this is perfectly safe and very refreshing. 


Gimme Shelter


Another way to keep the temperature bearable while using your hot tub in the summer is to set up some sort of canopy, tent or umbrella. This will prevent the sun from beating down on your head while you’re soaking. It will also protect your hot tub cover from the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays when your hot tub isn’t in use.


Plunge Pool For Children


During the dog days of summer, children can be especially adversely affected by high ambient temperatures. Your hot tub can play a wonderful role in keeping them cool and allowing you to remain sane. Simply turn off the hot tub altogether and allow the water temperature to drop to ambient levels. Children won’t even mind the lack of space in a hot tub. Just make sure to keep an eye on them at all times.


Water Cooling Technology


In this day and age, if there’s a problem, we can often depend on technology to fix it. And using a hot tub during the hottest days of summer is no exception. There are energy efficient water cooling technologies that can bring your hot tub water temperature down to 15 degrees Celsius with the flick of a switch. Similar to an air conditioning system it can bring down the water temperature in a few short hours. Speak to your hot tub dealer about the type of hot tub cooling systems that might work for you


To learn more about year round hot tub use, download a free buyer’s guidetoday.

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