Hydropool swim spas are different from any swim spas out on the market. There are various differences between a Hydropool swim spa and swim spas from competitors, and now that you understand the basics of swim spas, it’s time to get into these six main things that you should be looking for when you are buying a swim spa. This will help you understand what the difference is between a Hydropool swim spa and anyone else out on the market. 

The Perfect Swim, and How it is Created

The first thing you want to look for when you are shopping for a swim spa is how the spa is created. This essentially means to look at the details of the swim spa before you buy--you should look for the proper size pumps, the proper number of pumps, and, most importantly, the position of the pumps and where they are located inside the swim spa. 

At Hydropool, we take the swim spa pumps and we put them as close to the jets as possible. We do this to deliver the highest volume of water with the least amount of plumbing, which gives you a fantastic swing and a perfect swim spa experience. 

The Hydraulics 

The second thing you should be looking at when you’re shopping for a swim spa is their hydraulics. You should understand how hydraulics contribute to creating the perfect swim spa. Hydropool uses two-and-a-half-inch plumbing to deliver an incredible amount of flow volume to the jets. The more volume that the jets have, the better the swim inside of the swim tank will be. Hydropool also uses a 90-degree sweep. The purpose of this is to reduce the amount of turbulence or the restriction of plumbing that is coming into the jet. 

Using the Proper Jet System

When you’re looking at swim spas, you need to make sure your spa has the proper jet system to deliver the correct flow. With Hydropool, we use a v-twin jet system that essentially delivers a highly predictable volume of water to the center of the swim or to the swim tank area. This creates the perfect swim and decreases turbulence to almost zero. Creating a predictable swim with a high volume of water and little turbulence is important to preserving your swim spa experience. 

Dialing in the Perfect Swim

Dialing in the perfect swim for your swimmer is another important aspect of the highest quality swim spa. Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or a triathlete, Hydropool has a swim spa that can deliver the volume of water to you to give you the perfect swim. 

Shell Design 

The shell design in Hydropool swim spas is streamlined, and there is no turbulence in the back of the swim spa. This has been done by putting all of our suctions at the back end of the swim spa. This essentially stops any turbulence from the water being trapped at the back of the swim spa. Another thing Hydropool has done is put hips into the swim spa shell, or a current collector. The idea of this is to eliminate any reflective wave or any backsplash that can happen off the back end of the swim spa, ultimately creating the perfect swim. 

The Fun and Fitness Aspects

When you’re purchasing a swim spa, you should also be aware of the fun and fitness aspects that it offers. Hydropool swim spas are different from any other swim spas on the market for the fun and fitness aspects that they offer. These swim spas have built-in cross-training and box fit programs. There are video series for each type of swim spa that starts from beginner to intermediate to expert. These are all available online for you to access at any time. In addition to this, every single one of Hydropool’s swim spas has an anchor at the front that provides a child to strap on a boogie board and use the swim spa as a wave pool or an aquatic backyard center. This provides your children with hours and hours of fun on a hot summer day. 

How Hydropool is Different 

The comfort aspect of Hydropool swim spas also differentiates them from any other product on the market. Hydropool swim spas offer massage, relaxation, and stress relief factors. The first thing in a Hydropool swim spa that allows for this comfort is a comfortable ergonomic seat that essentially allows your back to open up and be ready to receive the massage. The right type of jet is available in every swim spa seat so that you can achieve the massage that you are looking for. Third, the jets in Hydropool swim spas are strategically placed so that you can achieve the results that you’re looking for. They are placed specifically for lower back, upper back, leg, calf, foot, and other areas of massage. 

Hydropool swim spas have worked with various physiotherapists and athletic therapists to understand how long you should be sitting in each seat to achieve the perfect massage. Combining all four of these things creates a fantastic zone therapy experience that allows you and your family to achieve any of the massage goals that you are looking for. 

The Hydropool swim spa is easier to maintain than any swim spa on the market. It’s called the self-cleaning swim spa for a reason! Filtration jets are available in Hydropool swim spas, similar to a regular pool. Any of the debris in the swim spa is pushed towards the high flow skimmer so that it’s easy to skim the surface. The benefit to you as the consumer is that there is no need to skim the surface of the water. In your swim spa, dirt can do one of two things: float on the surface or drop to the bottom. In our self-cleaning systems, our high flow skimmer and pre-filter remove any of the dirt and debris, such as sticks and leaves, that is light enough to float on the surface. This makes it easy for you to maintain the surface level of the swim spa. 

Any of the dirt and debris that is heavy enough to drop to the bottom of the swim spa gets pushed along the floor using our floor filtration jets towards our self-cleaning vacuum. Basically, it is a plate at the bottom of the swim spa that pulls any of the debris off the base of the swim spa. The benefit for you is that you are not going to have to vacuum the bottom of your swim spa. You may have to touch it up a little bit, but for the most part, the swim spa itself takes care of the majority of the debris. 

In the self-clean system, your top load pressurized filtration system is important. This is important because it is actually catching any of the debris off the surface or off the base of the hot tub, filtering 100 percent of the water in only 40 minutes. This is important to you as the consumer because it means you can spend less time cleaning and more time with family and friends. 

Inside the self-clean system from Hydropool is our dispenser system, which introduces our water care products right at the point of contact in the filter. It is sitting inside the filter, and at the point that the water enters the filter, it is sanitized, making the swim spa water pure. This system is easy to maintain and keeps your water clean. 

Hydropool swim spas also offer an optional pure water system. The benefit to you as the consumer is that this reduces your dependency on chemicals and makes the water clean and fresh every day for you and your family. 

Energy Efficiency and Insulation of Your Swim Spa

You will likely want to use your swim spa all year long. No matter where you live, you want to make sure your swim spa is energy efficient. The first part of Hydropool’s insulation system is the self-cleaning system, which saves energy because the swim spa only has to filter for 40 minutes to filter 100 percent of the water. This means the swim spa doesn’t have to be on as long as the competitors’ spas would have to be on to filter the same amount of water, making Hydropool more energy efficient. 

Hydropool swim spas also have optional hardcovers which go with every single one of our swim spas. These can lock the heat in from the top, which is where most people are going to lose the heat of their swim spa. This optional cover, because it locks in heat, saves you energy when you are trying to heat up your swim spa. 

To insulate the swim spa, we blow foam around our plumbing and around our shell area. This insulates very well and locks in the heat that is generated from the shell back, reflecting it back into the tub. It also supports the plumbing and makes it extremely quiet from an operational perspective. A thermal seal blanket is also used at the bottom of the swim spa. This is done because, combined with the thermal seal blanket around the inside of the cabinet, it reflects the waste heat of the motor back into the swim spa. Each pump generates a kilowatt and a half of heat, so it is going to almost insulate or reutilize the waste heat of those pumps to help insulate your swim spa, which ultimately creates an incredible energy-efficient all-season swim spa. 

Hydropool’s Reputation

Hydropool’s reputation differentiates us from competitors. We are the oldest manufacturer of portable swim spas in the industry, and we have been manufacturing for over 30 years. We’re the experts in swim spas, but more than that, it’s the relationship we have with our retailers and that our retailers have with the consumer. Our company has always been built on family values and the relationships that we can create with others. We have retailers in over 60 different countries, and 500 retailers worldwide. Hydropool has been here from the beginning and will be here into the future as the top swim spa manufacturer in the world. 

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