Patened Self Cleaning Technology
Seating Design 2 Seats 2 Loungers
Energy Effeciency
Starting Price Range $10,795.00 - $14,795.00

The Water Is Calling

Look no further than the Serenity Collection if you want elegant styling and exceptional performance. Each one includes a unique massage experience, spacious interiors, and a range of models that fit anywhere from four to seven adults. Plus, they’re all backed by our legendary Hydropool quality, Weather Seal Insulation, and innovative water care options. The Pure Water System helps you spend less time caring for your spa and more time enjoying it. Our Serenity collection features sleek lines, stunning cabinets, and high flow filtration, making it a great spa for anyone. Each Serenity model comes in one easy-to-understand configuration with limited options and upgrades, making it easy for you to enjoy simplicity at its best. The Collection comes in 3 different sizes that will fit any situation. It features premium lighting and exterior Moonlights, 2 Aqua Blade Waterfalls, premium design maintenance-free cabinetry, and our weather seal insulation system. Every model also features non-slip padding throughout the spa for safe entry and exit.

The WeatherSeal Insulation System

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked is around the cost to keep your hot tub at those ideal temperatures (around 100° F/37° C). Well, thanks to our innovative HydroWise Thermal Shield Energy Efficient Insulation System and superior HydroWise Hard Cover, we’ve mastered the art of keeping the heat in and the cold out. Combine this with the fact that our hot tubs are engineered to be the most energy-efficient in the world, which means you can enjoy your hot tub for just pennies a day. All of the technology has been designed to exceed California Regulations which are some of the stiffest regulations in the world. We are literally setting the standard. Hydropool is ranked one of the best in the world for “stand-by” wattage and energy efficiency and one of the first to be approved under the strict State of California Guidelines.
  1. POLY FILM BARRIER: supports plumbing and weight of water, minimizes vibration.
  2. HYDROWISE THERMAL BLANKETS: wrap the plumbing and floor, reflecting radiant heat back into the hot tub, creating the first thermal barrier.
  3. 2LB CLOSED CELL FOAM: seals the lip of the tub to prevent heat loss; insulates floor of the hot tub.
  4. WEATHERSEAL CABINET: locks in the waste heat given off by pumps and heater, by reflecting radiant heat inside the cabinetry of the hot tub. The Cabinet Panels can be easily removed for access on all sides of the hot tub.
  5. HYBRID HEAT ADVANTAGE: The combination of insulation materials allows our WeatherSeal Insulation System to capture the radiant heat from the plumbing and equipment, significantly reducing energy consumption.

Wellness Zone Massage Programmes

How Does Zone Therapy Work?


Much like an iceberg, there’s a lot going on below the surface of a Hydropool Hot Tub. With a vast array of science to support and develop our programs, our Zone Therapy has been designed to provide you with a personalized usage map of your hot tub to help you benefit from a general sense of well-being.

Each Signature model comes with a complete wellness guide featuring eight hydrotherapy programs, such as Leg pain, Back pain, Sports Recovery, headache and insomnia providing the ultimate stress relief. We Call This The Science Of Immersion.  


Activation of paravertebral muscles Vertebral (meaning your spine) fatigue can contribute to headaches. Zone Therapy is designed to release tension in your dorsal muscles which can help to relax around your vertebrae.


ZONE 2 – OVERALL BODY ZONE Activation of leg and lumbar muscles This zone helps to promote improved circulation in the lower part of the body which allows for venous return (or blood flow) and lightens legs.

Activation of upper back, neck & shoulder muscles This zone eliminates tension in trapezoid muscles and the neck, specifically releasing tensions in the solar plex area.

Activation of foot arch muscles With our feet playing such a critical role in our overall physical health and taking the brunt of most sports this zone is designed to deeply massage the small venous areas in your foot arch.

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