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Games to Play in Your Hot Tub

Games to Play in Your Hot Tub

Posted 11/24/2017

There is no question that owning a hot tub is a great way to relax, take advantage of hydrotherapies wellness benefits and to unwind. What some people don’t consider is that a hot tub is a great place to play games and socialize. Below, we will discuss a number of games that can be played in your hot tub so that your family and friends can all get in on the fun.


May sound surprising but hot tub hockey is a great way to spend an evening with friends. All that is needed is a small floating object to be placed in the middle of the hot tub. Designate teams and begin by blowing a whistle. Participants can make waves or blow on the ‘puck’ but cannot touch it. Splashing is allowed and when a team gets the puck to touch their opponent’s wall, it is counted as a goal. The first team that scores 3 goals is crowned the winner.

Musical Jets

A hot tub variation of musical chairs but instead of chairs the goal is to not be caught sitting in a seat where a jet is not running. Using a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, have one person play music while bathers are moving around the hot tub in a clockwise motion. This person will then randomly stop the music and all bathers must freeze where they are and remove themselves from the hot tub if they are not in front of a seat with a running jet.

It is important to note that in order for this game to work, before you begin half the jets in the hot tub need to be turned off, otherwise no one would ever lose!

Board Games

There are a number of waterproof board games designed for hot tubs that are perfect for a night of family fun. Popular choices include floating chess or checkerboards, waterproof playing cards, and even Uno.

Ping Pong

The challenge of this game is that the players cannot touch the ping pong balls with any part of their body. Start by dropping 5 balls into the centre of the tub and have all bathers quickly move away. The goal is for bathers to avoid any ping pong balls touching their body and if one does they must sit outside of the hot tub until there is only one player (the winner) left. Once the last two players are left in the tub, continue to add a new ping pall ball every 20 seconds to make the final moments of the game an intense challenge.

Balloon Race

This one is a fun challenge for the entire group. The balloon race game requires some large coloured balloons which are passed around to players. Once everyone has a balloon, they need to hold the opening over a hot tub jet to fill with water. As the balloon fills, it becomes more and more difficult to manage. The winner is whoever gets the largest balloon without popping it.

Always remember that after having a hot tub party or game night to test the water the next day. After heavy usage, it may require additional chemicals to treat the water and balance. Also do a quick inspection to ensure that no leftover game parts or pieces could be clogging the drain.

Now that you know just how much fun a hot tub game night can be and a few of the different games that you can try, download a hot tub buyer’s guide to learn more about the many models we offer.

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