What Hot Tub Has The Most Jets?

By Jon Filson

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What Hot Tub Has the Most Jets


Jets are an essential part of the hot tub experience and their comfort and design play a critical role in how much you will enjoy your hot tub soaks. Often, people will make the assumption that the hot tub that has the most jets must be the best one. This isn’t actually the case for a number of reasons. Below, we will discuss why ‘the hot tub that has the most jets’ can be a sales pitch to avoid, as well as what to look for in hot tub jets.


The Most Jets Hype


If you have seen an ad or walked into a trade show, you have probably been exposed to a hot tub sales pitch that claims they have the most jets of any hot tub on the market. While this could, in fact, be the case, it most certainly is not something that you should base your purchasing decision on.

Often, consumers have a mindset that more is better, and in many cases, low quality or cheap hot tub models are marketed as being superior based on their number of jets, even though this isn’t accurate. The truth is that jet style, design, placement, hydraulics, and customization are what will make a quality hot tub and the perfect soaking experience.


It is important to avoid the false ‘more is better’ mindset when shopping for a hot tub. While a huge number of jets may seem impressive at first, therapeutic hydrotherapy massage relies on having the proper number of jets that are in the right place and customizable to your body’s unique needs.



What to Look for in Hot Tub Jets


A quality hot tub should have a variety of jet sizes and capabilities. These should includetherapy jets that deliver relaxing general massages, smaller jets which can target specific areas of the body for focused treatment and jets that swirl the water to soothe and comfort and pillow jets to massage sore neck muscles. 

Hydropool offers a unique 4-zone system which is designed to provide a balanced, soothing therapeutic massage. This system targets specific areas of your body which need it the most by using different jets in different zones of the hot tub. A bather can select the massage program they wish on the touch screen, sit in that zone and the program will advise when they should move to the next seat or zone. The result? A superior hydromassage each and every soak.


How Many Jets Should a Hot Tub Have?


While there is no firm answer, this really depends on the manufacturer’s quality and design. However, there are a few factors which contribute to how well a jet will work.

  • - Type of jet

  • - Location of jet

  • - Adjustability of jet

  • - Jet pump power


The jet pump power is important to note. This is referring to how well the water flows through and powers the jets. A hot tub could have 75 jets in it but if the pump only pumps 100 gallons per minute, just over 1.3 gallons of water will come from each jet every minute, which will not deliver a very satisfying massage.

When shopping for a hot tub, know that quantity doesn’t equal quality. Make sure to avoid gimmicks and only purchase from a trusted hot tub dealer that can help you select the best jet configuration for your needs.


Now that you know about what to look for in hot tub jets, learn more about our customizable massage programs by downloading a hot tub buyer’s guide.


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