Using A Hot Tub to Ease Your Pain And Ailments

By Jon Filson

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Using a Hot Tub to Ease Your Pain and Ailments


Millions of people suffer from chronic pain, and a major reason they invest in hot tubs is to alleviate it. Whether you suffer from headaches, nerve pain, muscle pain, or something else, below you'll find out more about which types of pain a hot tub can treat.


What is Chronic Pain?


Chronic pain isn't short-lived. It can exist for months, years, or longer, affecting its sufferers both mentally and physically. There is a wide variety of conditions associated with chronic pain including sinusitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, back problems, headaches, and muscle and nerve pain.


How Hot Tubs Relieve Pain


Using a water source to relieve pain is known as hydrotherapy, and hot tubs are among the most effective methods of hydrotherapeutic healing.

Sufferers of chronic pain are often tense, and tension is known to increase pain levels. Warm water relieves built up tension and reduces how much pain you feel. As muscles and nerves become more relaxed, circulation begins to improve. As blood moves into areas where pain is felt, this increased blood circulation relieves discomfort.



If you've suffered an injury or just finished a difficult workout, the additional blood circulation a hot tub creates can even help you heal faster. Hot tubs can also reduce inflammation in your muscles, strengthen your immune system, and raise levels of endorphins which relieve pain and create a sense of well-being.

Because Hydropool hot tubs utilize a "zone" jet system, you can easily alleviate pain in specific areas of your body. Whether you suffer from back pain, neck pain, or other issues, you can choose a massage program that will target your issue.


Pain Relief in Just a Few Minutes a Day


If you suffer from chronic pain but are worried about the time commitment involved in treatment, a hot tub is a great option.


It usually takes only 20 minutes to fully relax. Within five minutes, your blood pressure will drop and your pulse will slow down, allowing you to relax. Blood circulation throughout your body will improve within 10 minutes and your muscles will start to relax by 15 minutes. At 20 minutes, you'll feel relief from joint pressure.


Arthritis, Range of Motion, and More


Arthritis is one of the most common types of chronic pain. Many arthritis sufferers turn to liniments or dry heat because heat is such an effective pain reliever, but hydrotherapy is an even better treatment option.


Not only does a hot tub increase circulation and provide soothing heat, but it allows arthritis sufferers to move freely with little impact on their joints: something that can be difficult on everyday surfaces. Even if you don't suffer from arthritis, by walking in a hot tub or moving your arms against the water's resistance, your range of motion and muscle strength will improve.


Aromatherapy Options


Aromatherapy has long been known for its healing properties and its ability to provide therapy to the mind, body, and spirit. Hot tubs that incorporate aromatherapy are great choices for mental and emotional stress and pain.


If you can't sleep, consider chamomile or lavender oils. Other oils are known to improve your ability to relax and focus, increase your energy, and even raise your mood. Make sure to choose aromatherapy products that are designed to be used with your hot tub to avoid damaging its components.

If you're suffering from pain, why wait? Start looking for a hot tub that will help you feel better today!


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