The Perfect Hot Tubs Installation

By Jon Filson

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The Perfect Hot Tub Installation


When it comes to hot tub installation, location is key. There are many choices for where to install your hot tub, but it's important that you choose the location that fully fits your needs. In this blog, you'll learn how to choose the perfect installation style for your lifestyle.


Edge of Deck Installations


One of the most popular installation methods is edge of deck. Edge of deck installations are not only beautiful, but they offer outstanding access when you need service. They're also especially convenient for lifter installations.


Inground Installations


Inground installations are beautiful and functional. Unfortunately they are also difficult and require substantial time and effort, but with careful planning they can be a great success. Your first step is to decide whether the extra time and effort are an option for you. Next, find a way to make sure your inground hot tubcan be accessed on all four sides if service is needed. You'll also want to make sure that water won't seep into your hot tub since it will be in a low-lying area. When digging the pit, ensure that it can handle excess water flow and is fully secured to prevent animals from trying to build a home there. Finally, always work closely with your retailer to be sure that your installation is done right.


Half and Half Installations


Half and half installations also require retailer assistance due to their difficulty, but once installation is complete this installation style is simple to use and care for. Entry and exit are easy for guests who may struggle with getting in and out of the hot tub, so half and half installations are a terrific choice for such users.


Stand Alone Installations


Stand alone installations are popular because they require little in the way of installation. The hot tub can be easily lifted by a crane, placed where you want it, and be filled right away. Their dramatic look can also add aesthetic flair to your backyard.


Raised Deck Installations


Raised deck installations are incredibly beautiful. However, they raise a few installation issues, so make sure you discuss your needs with a retailer first and make sure there is access on all sides of the hot tub for maintenance needs. Space restrictions with recessed decks can sometimes make it hard to install a hardcover and lifter, so this should always be discussed with your retailer.


Indoor Installations


Indoor installations are great if you aren't interested in using your hot tub in winter or your patio isn't large enough to accommodate your hot tub. They're great choices when you want to add charm and entertainment value to exercise areas or four-season rooms. If you install a hot tub indoors, good ventilation with windows, fans, and humidifiers is important. A floor drain is also necessary as well as water tap installation nearby.


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