How Does A Swim Spa Work?

By Jon Filson

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How Does a Swim Spa Work?


If you have ever wished that there was such a thing as a swimming pool and hot tub combined into one, you will be thrilled to learn that this product has actually existed for a number of years and is called a swim spa. So, how does a swim spa work and what does it look like? Keep reading below to find out.


How a Swim Spa Works


Simply put, a swim spa is a machine that utilizes a powerful current so that you are able to continuously swim in place without having to do laps and constantly have to turn around. They are compact, can be installed indoors or outdoors and provide a fantastic swim workout for all ability levels.


Exercise aside, swim spas can be used similar to a traditional swimming pool for splashing around, laying on a floating device or for a quick dip to keep cool in the summer. Many swim spa models also are designed as ‘spit models’ meaning that one section of the unit is equipped with hot tub seats, has a warmer water temperature and can be used to sit, relax and enjoy a bubbly, therapeutic massage treatment.


According to the American Heart Association, performing half an hour to an hour of physical activity three to four times each week will help to reduce your risk for stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. Swimming is also helpful for lowering blood pressure as well as cholesterol. Swim spas deliver a challenging workout for endurance training and easily facilitate burning calories, building muscle and soothing aches and pains. In addition to rigorous training, swim spas are perfect for other forms of exercise such as aqua aerobics, therapeutic walking, and low-impact resistance training.


Choosing a swim spa for your home is the perfect way to have a swimming pool, hot tub, and aquatic workout center all in one that you can use at your convenience. Probably the greatest benefit of the swim spa is its versatility. Soak one day to relax after a long day at the office, get a pre-workout in before you leave home and invite some friends and family over on the weekend to have fun and socialize in your swim spa.


Swim Spa Sizes


Swim spas come in a variety of sizes from ultra-small 10-foot models to units up to 19 feet that can seat over 6 adults in the spa area. Pretty much no matter what space you have to work within your yard, you will be able to find a swim spa that will accommodate your requirements.


Another bonus with swim spas compared to traditional swimming pools is that they are very easy to install. Self-contained, portable models can be placed anywhere that there is sturdy, level support, such as on a concrete pad and just need to be connected to your electrical hookup and be near a water supply. Installing a pool, on the other hand, can take the entire summer season and be very costly.


Swim spas can also be installed on a deck or patio or in-ground to create a seamless look that is similar to a traditional pool.

If owning a swim spa sounds like the best of both worlds to you, start learning more about their impressive features and powerful current technology.


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