Does A Hot Tub Dehydrate You?

By Jon Filson

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Does a Hot Tub Dehydrate You?


When your body loses more water than what it is taking in, dehydration occurs. This can happen to anyone at any age, especially if they are in hot, humid weather, exercising or even using a hot tub. To answer the question, ‘Can a hot tub dehydrate you?’, it can. However, if you practice common sense hot tub safety, you can easily avoid becoming dehydrated in your hot tub.


Hot tubs are usually set to a temperature of 100 degrees fahrenheit and the highest temperature setting recommended is 104 degrees fahrenheit. To ensure that you do not become dehydrated in your hot tub, follow the advice below.


Tips to Avoid Dehydration in Hot Tubs


Often, people dream of sitting in a hot tub while drinking a cold cocktail to relax. Alcohol also causes the body to become dehydrated and when combined with sitting in a hot tub, dehydration can happen quicker. While one drink is often fine, make sure to also drink plenty of water and do not use the hot tub while intoxicated.


Exceeding the hot tub’s maximum temperature or soaking for longer than the recommended time also puts you at risk for dehydration. Always follow the guidelines and if you prefer taking longer soaks, turn down the temperature of your hot tub by a few degrees to accommodate. Also, you should not get into a hot tub after a hard workout - like running - as your body temperature is already elevated and you may already be starting to become dehydrated.


Finally, pregnant women, babies, and toddlers should never use a hot tub. It is also strongly recommended that anyone with a pre-existing medical condition or that is currently taking medication consult with their health care provider prior to using a hot tub.


Symptoms of Dehydration


Knowing how to avoid getting dehydrated in a hot tub is the first step in keeping yourself safe, but it is also important to be able to recognize the symptom of dehydration in case it does occur to a guest or family member using your hot tub.

The first symptoms of mild dehydration are unusual thirst, dry mouth, dizziness, lightheadedness or a headache. If you suspect mild dehydration, have your guest get out of the hot tub and immediately drink water or other hydrating fluids such as Gatorade. Severe dehydration symptoms include lack of sweating, extreme thirst, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, extreme thirst or a fever. If anyone if these symptoms are present, seek medical attention.


By knowing what to watch for, you can ensure that you and your guest follow safe hot tubbing practices. Encourage everyone to have a large glass of water before and after their soak as well as keep an eye on the clock while soaking. If you find plain water boring, try infusing with cucumber and lime, adding frozen berries or serving coconut water for something different.


Now that you know how to avoid becoming dehydrated in a hot tub, find out more about the benefit of owning a hot tub by downloading a hot tub buyer’s guide.

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