Can A Hot Tub Sit On A Deck?

By Jon Filson

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Can You Put a Swim Spa on a Deck?


Each year, swim spas are gaining in popularity largely due to their low maintenance, year-round usability and convenient form of exercise that is suitable for the entire family. As urban backyards continue to shrink, swim spas are quickly becoming the perfect alternative to traditional in-ground swimming pools. Easy to install, packed with features and wellness benefits, their compact size and low running costs are an attractive option to homeowners.


While technically a swim spa could be plunked down almost anywhere in your yard (provided that there is a flat, sturdy base), most homeowners would prefer to have them blend in and help improve the overall look of their backyard.


Our dealers frequently get asked, ‘Can you put a swim spa on a deck?’ While you absolutely can, provided it has the proper structural support, there are also some other fantastic options that you may not have thought of. Keep reading below to learn about some of the best backyard swim spa installation ideas. 


Swim Spa on Raised Deck Installations


For those that like the seamless look of inground pools, a raised deck install for your swim spa can create a similar feel. Once your swim spa is in place, a deck is built around it, completely surrounding the unit. The surrounding decking can be used as an extended lounge area, with a relaxing spa-like vibe.


With raised deck installsthe access to your swimspa’s equipment needs to be carefully planned. Make sure that enough space has been left below the deck and that there is at least 3 feet of clear space surrounding the swim spa, in case it needs to be serviced in the future.  


If it is not possible to have enough clearance below the deck for service repair workers to access the swim spa, another option is to install removable deck panels at the front and back of the swim spa. This option beats having to rip apart your deck should an issue arise with your spa!


Edge of Deck Swim Spa Installations


This type of installation is a neat way to incorporate your existing backyard design with your swim spa. It is actually quite simple, place your concrete pad for your swim spa base immediately next to and level to your existing deck. Or you can also build out your deck to create some extra lounging space and have it meet with your swim spa.


Stand-Alone Swim Spa Installs


Just because it is the easiest doesn’t mean it still can’t look brilliant. With a stand-alone swim spa installation, you basically just pick where you want your swim spa to be located, have a concrete pad poured that is level, and place the swim spa on the pad. If strategically placed in your backyard, such as in a garden or near a stunning view with some surrounding landscaping features added, this type of install can look just as impressive as a deck installation, but with usually much less cost.


If you do have your heart set on a deck installation, make sure that you consult with a licensed contractor. Once filled with water and bathers, swim spas weigh thousands of pounds, so it is essential that you ensure that your structure is sturdy enough to properly support it.


Now that you know that you can install a swim spa on a deck, download our swim spa buyer’s guide to learn more about their features.


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