Can Hot Tub Jets Cause Bruising?

By Jon Filson

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Can Hot Tub Jets Cause Bruising?


If you have sensitive skin, you may have wondered if hot tub jets cause bruising or if they can hurt. While it would be very unlikely that spa jets would ever cause an actual bruise, it is possible that they may cause discomfort. This can be for a number of reasons ranging from cheap hot tubs to personal preferences. In the article below, we will review what you need to know to ensure that you have a comfortable hot tubexperience and how hot tubs can actually help heal bruises.


Are Hot Tubs Good for Bruises?


If you are someone that frequently bruises, you may be tempted to take a soak in your hot tub to help alleviate the symptoms. However, getting in a hot tub right after you received the injury that is causing your bruising can actually make it worse. Heat can cause an increase in swelling, which may make your bruise look worse. For immediate bruising treatment, an ice-pack is the best recommendation.


That being said, hot tubs can help a bruise heal quicker. A day or so after you received your bruise, taking a soak in your hot tub can be helpful. Because your body’s temperature rises from the heat of your spa water, the blood vessels dilate and cause circulation to increase. This also increases blood flow, which is an accelerant to the natural healing process of the body. Simply put, taking a soak in a hot tub can help you heal faster from cuts and bruises.


Can Hot Tub Jets Hurt?


Yes, hot tub jets can in fact hurt. There are two common reasons which are that the jets are too strong or that they are not adjustable. These two problems typically occur with cheap hot tub models. Often, they will boast that they have the strongest or highest number of jets, but the truth is that neither of that really matters.


What creates a soothing, therapeutic and comfortable hydrotherapy massage is the pressure flexibility of the water stream and its customized targeting features. Where the jets are located also have an awful lot to do with it. Well made, quality hot tub manufacturers strategically place each water jet within the seating to design customizable, therapeutic massage programs that can target a wide range of ailments and conditions. Whether you have a sore back, stiff neck, migraine headache or insomnia, the right jet placement will bring you much needed relief to where you need it the most.


Test Before You Buy


While choosing a reputable hot tub dealer and brand will ensure that you end up with quality hot tub that is soothing and comfortable, you still should always take a wet test before you buy. A wet test is exactly what it sounds like, you get to try out the hot tub when it is filled with water and running. Try out the different massage features and check to ensure that you can adjust if needed. If a water jet seems uncomfortable, change the settings. Often, it is just a personal preference for what type of water stream is being applied.


Now that you know that it is extremely unlikely that a hot tub would ever cause bruising and what to look for, download a hot tub buyer’s guide to learn more about the benefits of being a hot tub owner.

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