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The science of immersion

Hydropool Massage Story

The Science of Theraputic Massage

There are three main components to the perfect massage: pumps, plumbing, and jets. At Hydropool we believe that to truly understand the science of the perfect massage, all three components need to be looked at as one single entity to produce the best massage. Hydrotherapy is about flow rate (gallons per minute - GPM) and optimum pressure, not horse power (HP).


Serenity Versa Massage SystemHydropool Hot Tub Massage

  • Designed to produce the most efficient flow rate in the industry
  • Hydropool Pump impellars have wider, deeper blades, allowing them to produce a large volume of water
  • Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs: 180 GPM at 18 PSI versus the competition with 100 GPM at 12 PSI
  • Pump return is positioned at 12 o’clock optimizing centrifugal force


Serenity Versa Massage SystemSerenity Versa Massage System

  • Hydropool achieved BEP (Best Efficiency Point) in the plumbing of every hot tub
  • Balanced Flow Rate: 2" plumbing throughout entire hot tub; manifold-style plumbing
  • Decreased Flow Distance: distance from suction to pump and from pump to jets; two large suctions and pumps
  • Hydropool is 26% more efficient than the competitors with its pumps


Hydropool Hot Tub MassageHydropool Hot Tub Massage

  • Designed to produce the best flow rates
  • Bearingless design increases the life of the jets
  • Depending on the age of the hot tub, the coefficient of friction is between 40-100% better
  • Bearing jets clog which stops the rotational motion of the nozzles, eliminating any of the venturi action and stopping air flow


  • Our adjustable, high-volume hydrotherapy jetting system paired with our Wellness Guide puts Hydropool well ahead in the spa industry
  • Our exclusively-designed zoned jetting delivers a balanced, soothing massage and the desired rejuvenation and hot tub experience


  • The next generation fluidity jet sets: a series of non-bearing jets that ensure trouble-free operation of your hot tub
  • Our jets eliminate chemical corrosion of jet casings, bearing failures and clogging, as well as deliver the superior benefits of hydrotherapy

Hydropool Hot Tub Massage

Non-bearing HydroFlo Jet Collection

Resonator Jet

Resonator Jet

Steady Waving Dual Stream

Twin Roto Jet Large

Twin Roto Jet

Steady Pulsating Dual Stream

Single Roto Jet

Single Roto Jet

Steady Pulsating Single Stream

Acupressure Jet

AccuPressure Jet

Pressure Ball Activated

Rifle jet

Rifle Jet

Enhanced Steady Stream

Multi Massage Jet

Massage Jet

Steady Pulsating Stream

Multi Massage Jet

Multi Massage Jet

Multi Streamed Shower

Volcano Jet

Volcano Jet

High Volume Large Stream

HydroTher Control and Wellness Program

If you choose to add the Hydro-Ther package on the Hydropool Self Cleaning Hot Tub, you will be experiencing the only automated wellness spa in the industry. Here are the steps Hydropool went through to develop this exclusive feature:

30 Years Of Research

Hydropool hot tubs are installed in over 40 countries for both private and professional uses. We worked with Hydrotherapy Centers, Wellness Spas and Aquatic Therapy Professionals who helped us discover the other potential benefits for our customers.

Seven major benefits were discovered through this research:

  • Leg Pain Relief
  • Back Pain Relief
  • Headache Relief
  • Stress Relief
  • Digestive Issues
  • After Sports Recovery
  • Diet/Metabolism Boost

Hydropool Hot Tub Massage

Zone Therapy Was Developed

  • Re-engineer the seating and lounger to obtain the best comfort for each body type and massage session
  • Re-invent our own jets to deliver the requested massage movements
  • Position each jet strategically to work on selected body parts
  • Achieve the Therapy Zones as per the experts' recommendations

Advanced Therapies

Through years of cooperation with our Hydrotherapy consultants and partners, we have now been able to develop the following therapies to our hot tubs:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Chromo therapy
  • Reflexology

Hydropool Hot Tub Massage

Development of Wellness Guide

Allows any customer the ability to achieve the desired results with any of our Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs. Each type of hydrotherapy program (an underwater circuit) is outlined, made easy to understand and perform from our Wellness Guide. We offer the first true wellness spa in the industry.

Hydropool Hot Tub Massage

Now the Experience Is Automated

Fully Programmable Hydrother Package Option

To enhance your massage experience:

At the touch of a button choose your Wellness Program. Naturally follow your hot tub sequences to achieve your desired therapeutic results. Sit back and enjoy the only automated wellness spa in the industry.

Hydropool Hot Tub Massage

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