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How Many Years Does an Outdoor Hot Tub Last?

How Many Years Does an Outdoor Hot Tub Last?

When it comes to the significant investment you need to make to purchase a hot tub, you’ll want to know approximately how long it will last. How many years does an outdoor hot tub last? As we’ll see below it’s dependent on many variables, but hot tubs can last anywhere from five to 20 years. The main factors involved with hot tub longevity are its quality and the care and maintenance you provide. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of tips and to help make the most of your hot tub.
Posted 1/14/2020
What Hot Tub Has the Most Jets

What Hot Tub Has the Most Jets?

If you’re trying to determine the difference between a hot tub and a tub full of hot water, you’ll ultimately realize the main characteristic that differentiates the two is the jets. Jets are what give hot tubs their characteristic swirling and bubbling water. They’re what provides the relaxing massage and makes a hot tub experience more than a simple hot bath. When people are in the market for a hot tub, they often ask the question of what hot tub has the most jets. And while this may seem like a legitimate question, a large number of jets doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be getting a quality hot tub.
Posted 1/6/2020
Can You Leave Swim Spa Uncovered in Winter

Can You Leave Swim Spa Uncovered in Winter?

Swim spas are highly versatile units that allow their users to swim as if they’re in a full-sized swimming pool and soak like they’re in a relaxing hot tub. Compared with a full-sized swimming pool, the compact size and the smaller volume of water in a swim spa allows them to be kept warm enough to use all year round. However, if you plan on using your swim spa in the winter there are some precautions you’ll need to take. We’re often asked questions such as, “Can you leave swim spa uncovered winter?” “What should I do to prepare my swim spa for winter? or “What temperature should I keep my water at in the winter?” In this article, we’ll answer all those questions and more.
Posted 12/30/2019
What is Considered a Small Pool Size

What is Considered a Small Pool Size?

Almost anyone who loves swimming has at some point fantasized about having a swimming pool installed in their own backyard. But in this day and age of urban density and a soaring cost of living, things like space and finances may be so limited that the backyard swimming pool dream seems unattainable. But if you looked into smaller pools you might learn that there’s an option that can fit both your backyard and your budget. We hear you asking, “what is considered a small pool size?” so we’ve come up with an article that offers you some options.
Posted 12/23/2019
How to Use a Swim Spa Year Round

How to Use a Swim Spa Year Round

Do you love the idea of swimming in your backyard? But are you bummed out that you live in an area that experiences more winter than it does summer? There is a solution for swimmers who would love the ability to swim in their backyard but suffer from long, harsh winters. Want to learn how to use a pool year-round? Maybe it’s time to see what swim spas have to offer.
Posted 12/17/2019
How Exercise Pools Work

How Exercise Pools Work?

Most enthusiastic swimmers have dreamt of owning their own pool at some point in their life. What could be better than stepping out into your backyard and hopping straight into your own swimming pool? No need to drive to the local recreation centre or worry about coordinating the entire family’s schedule. But maybe your finances aren’t quite able to match the cost of a full-sized swimming pool. Or maybe there’s not enough room to install one in your house or backyard. This is where an exercise pool can make a great alternative. Cheaper and smaller than a full-sized or lap pool but still able to provide you with exercise and relaxation, an exercise pool could make a great addition to your family. Wondering how exercise pools work? Read more to find out.

Posted 12/11/2019
What Pool Exercise Burns the Most Calories

What Pool Exercise Burns the Most Calories?

Swim spas are great for exercising in a small space. The adjustable current allows swimmers to choose their ideal pace while the shallow water allows for other types of non-swimming exercises to be performed as well. For those who are looking to lose weight, having access to a swim spa can be a terrific motivator. But what pool exercise burns the most calories? There are several different swimming strokes and a plethora of other types of water exercises that can raise the heart rate and produce a sweat, but if you’re looking to drop weight as fast as possible, what should you concentrate on? In this article, we’ll go over the most common swimming strokes and compare them with other exercises to determine the best way to burn calories.
Posted 12/9/2019
What’s the Difference Between Hot Tub and Spa

What’s the Difference Between Hot Tub and Spa?

You may have noticed that many people, companies, and marketers will interchange the words hot tub and spa when speaking about the same thing. They’re usually referring to hydrotherapeutic tanks of hot water. Apparently, what they aren’t referring to is when you fill your bathtub up for a nice hot bath even though you could argue that’s a hot tub as well. Also, they’re apparently not referring to your local hotel, sporting facility or vacation destination that offers massages, facial treatments and various pools of water for relaxation and pampering. Even though these places are often referred to as spas. So what’s the difference between hot tuband spa? It may not be an easy task, but in this article, we’ll try to figure it out.
Posted 12/6/2019
How Level Does Hot Tub Need to Be

How Level Does Hot Tub Need to Be?

If you have recently purchased a hot tub and are waiting for your installation date, you may be wondering how level does a hot tub need to be? There are a number of reasons why it is essential for a hot tub to be level including for bather’s safety as well as ensuring the longevity of your spa. Keep reading below to find out why it is so important to have a level, sturdy base for your hot tub as well as some recommendations for site preparation.
Posted 12/3/2019
How is a Hot Tub Good for You

How is a Hot Tub Good for You?

There are a number of reasons why people choose to invest in a hot tub, including having their own personal relaxation oasis or as a way to spend more quality time with family. While most people are aware that hot tubs do have some health benefits, not everyone is aware of exactly how a hot tub is good for you. In the article below, we will share some of the top reasons why.
Posted 11/29/2019



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