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Soaking in hot tub on a nice day

How do I Know Which Hot Tub Has the Best Warranty?

Because swim spas can be pricy investments, having a good warranty is hugely important.  The best warranties will be from a manufacturer that guarantees that the majority of your repairs will be covered if you are in need.

Below, you'll find out how to learn who has the best warranty so you make the smartest choice possible.
Posted 16/08/2017
Best Hot Tub

Average 4 Person Hot Tub Dimensions Explained

Whether you have a family of four or enjoy entertaining, a 4 person hot tub is a great way to create a space for conversation, relaxation, and more.  But before you buy, knowing the dimensions of your hot tub is essential.    

Below you'll find out about why it's crucial to do your research on the dimensions of the particular hot tub you want so it fits in your outdoor space.

Posted 04/08/2017
Soaking in hot tub on a warm, sunny day

The Incredible Benefits of a Hot Tub Wet Test

If you haven't shopped for a hot tub before, wet testing a hot tub may be a foreign concept.  Essentially, wet testing allows you to try before you buy so you know that a  particular hot tub is right for you.

Below you'll learn why wet tests are essential and what to consider while wet testing your spa to help you choose the right hot tub. 

Posted 03/08/2017
Hot tub maintenance

The Ins and Outs of Energy Efficient Hot Tubs

Operating costs are among the biggest concerns of people who are considering buying a hot tub, but it can be hard to know what features and options to look for to ensure that your hot tub is energy efficient.

Below you'll find out more about how to find an energy efficient hot tub that will help you save.

Posted 20/07/2017
Hot tub in luxurious setting

Knowing Which Questions to Ask Before Buying a Hot Tub or Spa

If you're getting ready to invest in a hot tub, you may have recently found yourself frequently asking: which hot tub should I buy?  In addition to this, there are many other questions to ask that will help you choose the right hot tub for you.

Below you'll learn the top questions you should ask before you invest. 

Posted 20/07/2017
Family having fun in the sun in hot tub

Hot Tub FAQ: How Many Years Does an Outdoor Hot Tub Last?

Is your current hot tub showing signs of age?  Are you considering investing in a new one?  If so, you may be wondering about how long a hot tub typically lasts.

Below, you'll learn about the typical lifespan of a hot tub, what you can do to prolong it, and when it's time to invest in a new one.

Posted 13/07/2017
Brand new hot tub in serene location

Free Advice for First Time Hot Tub Buyers from the Experts

When buying a hot tub, tips from the experts are one of the best ways to help you make the right decision.  From the latest hot tub features to understanding size, maintenance requirements, and more, you want to know what to look for.

Below you'll receive some of our best free advice to help you choose the best hot tub for your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Posted 07/07/2017
Hot tub in backyard

Top Tips for How to Run a Hot Tub Economically

Investing in a hot tub is a major decision.  Not only is there the upfront cost to consider, but the expense of running and heating it.  Luckily there are many quality hot tubs that won't cost you a fortune to run and the most economical hot tubs are those with energy-efficient features.

Below you'll discover the ins and outs of how to run a hot tub economically so you save money while enjoying your new purchase.

Posted 06/07/2017
A hot tub setup in an area with blooming greens

Tips for Creating an Incredible Gazebo

Gazebos are both eye-pleasing and functional and can truly transform your outdoor area.  They're especially perfect structures to use in conjunction with a hot tub.

Below you'll find out about the benefits of gazebos and how to create the ideal gazebo space for your hot tub.

Posted 28/06/2017
Soaking in hot tub on a warm, sunny day

4 Questions to Help You Choose the Ideal Hot Tub

A lot of care and planning go into choosing the right hot tub for your lifestyle.  If you're considering investing in a hot tub, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the number of choices you have.

Below you'll learn 4 questions you should always ask to make sure you're choosing the ideal hot tub for your needs. 

Posted 21/06/2017
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