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How Are Hot Tubs Delivered?

How Are Hot Tubs Delivered?

If you have just purchased a hot tub, your entire family will eagerly be waiting for the delivery date so that they can try out their first relaxing soak. But before the truck arrives at your home, there are a few important considerations that you must be aware of. It is also important to know how hot tubs are delivered so that you can make sure that your delivery is a smooth, seamless process.
Posted 6/20/2018
What Are Some Best Features a Hot Tub Should Have

What Are Some Best Features a Hot Tub Should Have?

If you are in the process of shopping for a hot tub, there is one thing that you must be aware of and that is all hot tubs are not created equal. Not even close! Before you begin to search for spa models and deals, make sure that you know what the best features of a hot tub are so that you are able to make an informed decision and select a unit that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

Posted 6/14/2018
Will a Hot Tub Help Arthritis?

Will a Hot Tub Help Arthritis?

One of the most common forms of joint pain that has been estimated to affect almost 25% of adults in North America alone, is arthritis. While many people often associate arthritis as a condition that only afflicts the elderly, there are many young adults that suffer from joint swelling, a restricted lifestyle or even severe pain as a result of having rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Posted 6/12/2018
What Temperature Should a Hot Tub Be?

What Temperature Should a Hot Tub Be?

With all the different models and unique hot tub features available on the market today, there is plenty of variety and options for everyone. However, one factor remains consistent among all hot tubs and that is the warm, relaxing water that they are known for, which helps soothe the body and mind. That being said, there are certain guidelines for what temperature the water in a hot tub should be to ensure a safe bathing experience.
Posted 6/7/2018
How Do You Clean Hot Tub Filters

How Do You Clean Hot Tub Filters?

Most new hot tub owners are aware that regular cleaning of their spa’s filter is necessary to ensure clean water, optimal performance and a longer lifespan of the unit. But, as a new owner, you may not know how or how often you should be cleaning your filter. In the article below, we will discuss what needs to be done on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis with your filter and what steps you need to take to keep it sparkling clean.

Posted 6/5/2018
Why Is My Hot Tub Water Green?

Why Is My Hot Tub Water Green?

Almost everyone enjoys soaking in a hot tub and when they do the expectation is that the water will be clean and clear. However, hot tub water that is anything else but transparent is an indication that something is wrong. Actions must be taken to ensure that the water is sanitary before anyone can enjoy a soak.

Posted 5/31/2018
Woman relaxing in hot tub

What Are the Benefits of Hot Tub Therapy for Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is an ongoing ailment that causes persistent and severe muscle pain and weakness. Many sufferers of this disorder feel impaired by its symptoms. The pain felt is often described as an intense burning, throbbing and intense aching in the muscles. The pain is even more severe in areas or muscles that are used more frequently than others. Increased pain and stiffness is said to be even more unbearable in the morning.
Posted 5/28/2018
Couple enjoying a relaxing hot tub

What Are the Benefits of Hot Tub?

Contrary to the belief of some, hot tubs offer more advantages than you might expect. In fact, hot tubs are more than a luxury. Although they are a great addition to any home and provide the indulgences of a spa, hot tubs are very beneficial.  They offer a plethora of wellness benefits that can improve the way individuals live their life.
Posted 5/25/2018
Brand new hot tub in serene location

How Hot Tub Heaters Work?

Many individuals can agree that the benefits of having a hot tub at home are fantastic. Hot tubs permit more than just relaxation. The hum and warmth of the tub offer a comforting feeling packed with a variety of wellness benefits. Also, the main advantage of having a hot tub at home enables you to enjoy this luxury at your convenience. 

Posted 5/22/2018
How Hot Tub Filter Works

How Hot Tub Filter Works

There are many reasons why so many people choose to have a hot tub at home. Some use it for pleasure, whereas others use it to ease the pains and pressures linked to various medical conditions.  However, regardless of what it is used for, it cannot be refuted that hot tubs are comforting and that they provide a wonderful, relaxing sense of calm.

Posted 5/17/2018
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