Hello Hydropool 

I don't normally do testimonials, but I thought our hot tub was very deserving of one.

I have attached a screen shot of my Facebook page (since my page is only viewable to friends and friends-of-friends), but this is what it says:

If you're ever in the market for a Swim Spa, keep Hydropool in mind.

60 hours without electricity during the ice storm, and our Swim Spa not only didn't freeze, but only dropped 18 C (from 101 C to 83 C)!

This makes me think of how well insulated it is, and more importantly, how cost-effective it is to heat!

In fact, the only thing that was damaged was the cover which froze and tore when we tried to open it!

So please feel free to use it as a testimonial, and thanks for making a well-built product.


Victor Kwong

Proud owners of a Hydropool Swim Spa

Hydropool Swim Spa

Happy New Year 

Well this winter has to be the best test of the equipment. As far as we know, so far so good. 

We were without power for three days but it was back and usable around 99 degrees the day after the power came on that has to mean the retained heat is great. 
The glow ball was a big hit at NY's we had green tub lights, green ball and a green laser dot over the entire yard, it was fantastic. 

Have a great 14
Dave and Donna Sweeny - 


The swim spa by Hydropool fit perfectly into our small backyard and has provided my family with all the benefits of a larger pool.


M. Zalewski
Burlington, ON 

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