Selecting the Right Size of Swim Spa


Picking the right size of hot tub can be daunting. You may have a lot of questions floating around in your head, when you should be the one floating around in a relaxing, perfectly-sized hot tub. How many seats do you need? What about when you’re entertaining? Is it deep enough for the taller people in your family? Is bigger really better?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back (and calves, and shoulders, and anything else that needs some good hydrotherapy massage) covered. At Hydropool, we have a size of hot tub for every need. We have a 12, 14, 16, 17, and even a 19 footer. Each size has an arrangement of seats and jets that make the most of the space and give you the best hot tub experience possible.

In this article, we're going to talk about what swim spa size is perfect for you.

What Sizes Are Available?

A lot of people think that bigger is better, but that isn’t always the case. What's best for you as a consumer depends on your needs. For instance, look at your backyard. You know what size could fit inside your backyard. You also know, in general, how many people will be using the hot tub regularly. To really understand which spa works for you, you’ll want to look at the entire line-up and see for yourself.

12 Feet

This is the perfect family fun pool. It's something where you're going to be able to relax, have fun, and swim. Yes, you can swim in a 12-foot swim spa. While it isn’t the highest-level swimming experience, it’s still a great option for those who want to be able to get a workout. With a variety of seating options, this size will still comfortably seat anyone in the family.

14 Feet

This is the most popular size we sell, and the reason for that is it fits into almost every single backyard. Secondly, it truly is the most compact swim spa we carry that can satisfy any level of swimmer out there -- anywhere from a beginner to a triathlete. 

16 Feet

This is the smallest in our executive series, and while the difference in the actual swim area between a 16 foot executive trainer or a 14 foot aqua trainer is not that significant, you're going to have a better swim due to the construction of the spa.

17 Feet

This spa is purposefully designed for high-level and taller swimmers. If you're six feet or taller, and you are a medium to a high level swimmer, the 17 footer will be perfect for you. This spa gives you an incredible swim area along with all the comforts of the smaller models.

19 Feet

We have two 19 footers available: the Executive Series and the Dual Temp Swim Spa. The Executive Series provides a next-level swimming experience. The swim area is spacious and it gives you a great opportunity to get a high quality workout.

The Dual Temp Swim Spa, on the other hand, has the same swim area as the 14 foot model, but includes a separate hot tub on the other side. You can control the temperatures separately for each individual tub, giving you a perfect balance of work and play.

Fun and Relaxation

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” they say. Stave off the cabin fever by making sure your swim spa can accommodate work as well as play. Of course, the bigger tank that you have, the more area you’ll have for play. However, whether it's a 12 footer a 19 footer, Hydropool’s swim spas give you lots of area to play.

If you're looking to use your spa strictly for play, and perhaps you or your young ones aren’t necessarily the best swimmers, the 12 footer is going to be the best fit for you. It has all of the perks of the bigger units from a play perspective, and it has the added benefit of fitting into almost any backyard nicely.


Does the size of the swim spa make a difference with regards to the workout you’ll be able to get? Are you going to have a better cross-training experience in a 12-footer, or a 19-footer? The answer, simply, is no. The cross training program or the box fit program can work equally as well in any one of our swim spas. So, you don’t need to worry about size when it comes to the quality of workout.

However, if you are a taller or higher-level swimmer, a larger size will better accommodate you and your workout. 


The great thing about Hydropool swim spas is that it doesn't matter which swim spa size you get, they all have virtually the same hydrotherapy massage features. You’re going to get a spectacular zone therapy massage no matter which model you buy.


In short, all you need to worry about when selecting the right size of swim spa for you is what you need, personally. There’s no difference in quality between our sizes, so you’ll never have to worry about whether you’re missing out on features. What matters is whether the size will accommodate the number of people who will be regularly using the spa, and whether you need that next-level swimming experience provided by our larger models.



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