How to Choose the Right Installation for Your House

Choosing the right installation type for your swim spa is critical to ensure that you are making the right choice for yourself and your family. Before making a choice, you need to understand the different types of installations and be knowledgeable of how they are delivered into your backyard and of costs that you may not be considering. Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas is dedicated to making sure you choose the right hot tub installation for your home.

The Main Types of Installations

There are four main types of hot tub installations: in-ground, semi-recessed, in-deck, and freestanding installations. Though you may prefer the look of one of these installation methods compared to the others, each method varies in difficulty and practicality. 

In-Ground Installations

In-ground installations are popular because they look fantastic. In-ground hot tubs and swim spas are often what people imagine their spa to look like in their backyard. On the pro side, this may be the most attractive spa in terms of visuals. However, there are some cons to this installation method. In-ground installations are far more expensive to do, due to the fact that some sort of concrete vault needs to be built for the unit to actually sit in. You need to make sure that you have accessibility for service if there is ever a need for it.

Once you dig into your backyard, the hot tub or spa will become the lowest point in your yard. That means that all groundwater will end up going into that area--so make sure that you work with your retailer to have a professional installation done. You have to have a proper sump pump and gravel drain so that the water has somewhere to go. You should also make sure the area that your swim spa is in is sealed and protected from any critters or rodents that could potentially get in there. Make sure that the unit is insulated properly so that it can be used all year round. 

Semi-Recessed Installations

A semi-recessed installation means that the unit can be partially sunk into the deck or partially sunk into the ground. This is a very popular installation method. If you’re considering going with a semi-recessed installation in the ground, all of the same pros and cons of in-ground installations still apply. However, if you’re considering going with a semi-recessed installation into your deck, there are less cons. 

Semi-recessed installations look fantastic, similar to in-ground installations. Many people will actually finish their swim spa with the same decking material for the portion of the tub that sticks out. Another pro of this type of installation is that it is easier to enter the swim spa. You can simply sit down and swing your legs over or step from a level surface inside the swip spa. In terms of cons for semi-recessed installations, you will have to think of how to create a trapdoor or accessible on all four sides service hatch to be able to take care of any problems if they do arise. 

In-Deck Installations

This installation method is also very popular. One of the main pros of this installation method is that it makes it look like an in-ground installation, as the swim spa will look level with the deck so that the perception is not an afterthought in your backyard. These installations are also very serviceable. It is recommended that you do not do a full in-deck installation where you have decking on all four sides, unless you are taking into account serviceability. 

In terms of cons for these installations, there are very few. Provided that you ensure that the unit is serviceable and accessible, this installation is one of the more aesthetically pleasing ones. 

Freestanding Installations

From a pro perspective, freestanding installations are great for the consumer who doesn’t want to do everything in one shot and who wants to stage it out. You can get the swim spa dropped on a concrete pad, fill it up, put some stairs up, and be using it within three days. This installation provides the consumer with the ability to stage their installation, so if they are considering putting in a deck or some landscape, they can easily get the swim spot in the backyard. 

There are not many cons to freestanding installations, aside from the fact that it is quite a high unit--around 53 inches. These units may look a little boxy in your backyard--however, if it is done properly with the right  accessories, these installations can be done nicely and look very aesthetically pleasing. These swim spas are very serviceable, making it a dream install. 

What to Expect With Your Swim Spa

If you’re wondering how swim spas get delivered, look no further. About 95 percent of all swim spas around the world have some sort of a lift mechanism to deliver them into the backyard. Expect that your swim spa will be delivered by a crane. In some instances where a crane is not available, there are some other options. 

Make sure you are also factoring into your price number and a concrete pad. Our website offers installation guides that will help you find out more details about the concrete pad.

Make sure you are considering what the electrical requirements you’re going to have to meet will look like. You’re going to have to run a line from your electrical panel out to your swim spa, so make sure that you work with your retailer to get a qualified, certified electrician to your house to help you understand what the costs are in regards to getting electrical to your swim spa. 

Lastly, many people question how to get water into their swim spa. This is simple--you don’t have to plumb any water to your swim spa. It is not something that requires any hard plumbing to it--all you need to do is have a garden hose to fill it up, and you’re ready to go.    

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