How Are Swim Spas Delivered?

By Jon Filson

Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

How are swim spas delivered?


Properly planning for the delivery of your swim spa is essential for the installation to go smoothly. Swim spas are a significant investment and they are extremely heavy, two reasons why having professionals deliver and install your swim spa is a must.


By following the recommendations below, you can be confident that your swim spa deliveryday will go exactly as planned and your family will be enjoying their spa in no time.


What to Prepare For

Long before your swim spa arrives, you need to know where you will be installing it as well as whether it will be above ground or below ground. The majority of swim spa owners choose an above ground install as it costs less and is relatively simple. For an above ground install all that is required is a concrete pad with inlaid rebar, approximately 6” thick.


A dedicated electrical line needs to either be built into the concrete pad or located beside where your swim spa will be installed with a hole drilled into the paneling.


Truck or Crane


To determine whether or not your swim spa will require a truck or crane delivery largely depends on the delivery path. Try visualizing the route the swim spa will need to follow to be carried into place. If it can easily fit and be maneuvered through these spaces, then a flatbed truck and forklift will probably do the trick and cost much less.


If there are tight turns or not enough space for the swim spa to pass around your home, a crane is probably required to lift the swim spa over the top of your home and place into the chosen location in your backyard.


Talk to your swim spa dealer about your installation ideas and they can help guide you into choosing the best location and safest delivery option.


Delivery Process


Swimspas are very carefully handled at the warehouses they are housed in until they are ready to be delivered to your home. They are cautiously packaged, delicately loaded onto a truck and tightly secured with tarps to prevent any movement or shifting.


Installation Process


After the swim spa has been brought to your home and placed in your location of choice, you will need to have a licensed electrician connect the wiring. When choosing a contractor, make sure that they are familiar with pool and spa wiring requirements.


Once connected, your dealer should give you an overview of how the swim spa works and where the major components are, should you need to access. Once this has been completed, the final step is to just fill the tub and hop in for a swim!

As the old saying goes, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ and this is certainly relevant to your swim spa delivery. By taking the time to ensure that every detail of your installation and delivery is planned, you can make sure that your swim spa and home are protected.


Now that you know how a swim spa is delivered, download a buyer’s guideto learn more about the different options available.



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