Hot Tub FAQ: How Many Years Does An Outdoor Hot Tub Last?

By Jon Filson

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Hot Tub FAQ: How Many Years Does an Outdoor Hot Tub Last?


Is your current hot tub showing signs of age? Are you considering investing in a new hot tub? If so, you may be wondering about how long a hot tub typically lasts.

Below, you'll learn about the typical lifespan of a hot tub, what you can do to prolong it, and when it's time to invest in a new one.


The Average Life of a Hot Tub


The average life of a hot tub can range anywhere from 5-20 years. While that may sound like a surprisingly wide range, that's because as a hot tub owner you have a lot of control over how long your hot tub will last. How much usage the hot tub gets is one factor that determines its lifeline, but in addition, by providing regular maintenance and caring for your hot tub, you can extend your hot tub's life.




One big mistake that can cause your hot tub to fail sooner rather than later is failing to take care of its parts. Many hot tub components must be regularly maintained in order to continue to function at a high level. Plastic parts, which can be eroded by chlorine and other chemicals rather quickly, often wear out first. By simply cleaning them regularly, you'll keep them in good shape for longer. Whenever you drain your hot tub, clean all of the parts.


Major Components


Your hot tub's large components like the pump, heater, and cover require regular service. Without it, they will wear down, causing your hot tub to break down prematurely. Make sure to follow the routine maintenance guidelines provided by your hot tub manufacturer and replace the water pump, heater, and cover when recommended. Staying on top of the maintenance schedule for these parts is essential, because if one part breaks down it can cause internal damage to the other parts.


Shell and Cabinet Life


The shell and cabinet will also wear down over time, revealing cracks and other cosmetic issues. Often cracks can be patched, but it's a good idea to get a professional to do this for you.


When Should I Replace My Hot Tub?


If you've owned your hot tub for a long time and it's starting to cost more to maintain than you'd prefer, getting a newer model can save you maintenance time as well as money. Newer models are more energy efficient and easier to maintain, so they have many benefits.


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