Where Can I Buy Hot Tub Chemicals?

By Jon Filson

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Where Can I Buy Hot Tub Chemicals?


If you have recently purchased a hot tub, you may be wondering where you can buy hot tub chemicals. While the dealer that you purchased your hot tub from most likely has a hearty stock of all chemicals and supplies that you need, it can be good to know where else you can get your supplies from if you are in a pinch or prefer ordering online. Keep reading below to learn about what tips you should know about buying hot tub chemicals.


Local Dealer


Your local hot tub dealer is typically your best bet for your water chemical supplies. As they know your make and model and the routine cleaning schedule inside/out, their expertise can ensure that you are buying the right products to keep your hot tub running optimally. Even on the odd chance that they may not have stock on a particular product, they can typically order it right away or have shipped to your home.


Other Retailers


Even if you live in a smaller city, there are often several retailers nearby that will be selling hot tub chemicals. One tip to keep in mind is that not all chemical brands are created equal. While you may find a cheaper brand than what your dealer recommended, it is best to stick to the products that are best designed to support the make and model hot tub you bought.


Online Ordering


If you browse for hot tub chemicals online, plenty of results will surface. If you do prefer ordering online, it is best to stick with a reputable vendor, such as Walmart. While eBay or other retailers may be promoting cheap hot tub chemicals, these may be expired or possible knockoffs and not work effectively. Best to go with a business that has a solid reputation and one that has a convenient return policy should the need arise.


What Hot Tub Chemicals Do You Need?


If you have ever owned a pool, balancing the water in a hot tub is a similar process and involves the same elements such as alkalinity, pH and sanitizer.  The essential list of hot tub water chemicals you should always have a supply of are:


    • pH Decreaser
    • pH Increaser
    • Alkalinity Increaser
    • Chlorine or Bromine sanitizer
    • Shock
    • Test Strips

It is important to remember that before you no add any water chemicals to your hot tub that you always take a baseline reading first. Make sure that the hot tub is full and test the alkalinity and pH levels. Your alkalinity level should be between 80-150 ppm (part per million) and the pH level should be between 7.2 to 7.6. If these levels are off, your water can be too acidic which can corrode your hardware and also cause skin irritations.

You should also test your water each week with test strips and add chemicals as needed to adjust. If you have had a weekend of heavy hot tub usage or may not have used your hot tub for a long period of time, your hot tub probably requires shock in order to be properly cleaned.


Keep a Maintenance Schedule


The old saying ‘a pound of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ certainly applies to keeping your hot tub water clean. By keeping a consistent maintenance schedule, you can keep track of when you need to perform a water check, filter chemical rinse or deep clean. There are a number of ways to track your maintenance schedule from entering on your Google Calendar, using a whiteboard in your home or even downloading an app.

By knowing where you can get your hot tub chemicals and how to keep on top of your maintenance schedule, you can be assured that your hot tub water will be sparkling clean and always ready to enjoy.


To learn more about regular maintenance tasks, download a hot tub buyer’s guide.

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