What Is The Smallest Swim Spa Available?

By Jon Filson

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What is the Smallest Swim Spa Available?


With the recent trend of backyards shrinking, it can sometimes be difficult to add the features you want into the space that you have. For many of today’s homeowners, installing an inground swimming pool is just not an option due to size. This is just one of the reasons why swim spas are quickly gaining in popularity.


If you are considering purchasing a swim spa, you may be wondering what is the smallest swim spa available and if it can work for your yard space. In the article below, you will learn about common sizes, their space requirements and some recommendations for how to choose the best one for your home.


Small Swim Spa Dimensions


Before you start shopping, measure the space you have so that you know what you have to work with. The smallest swim spas available are typically 10 feet long, 7 feet wide and 4 feet deep. Smaller sizes like this are really geared towards aquatic therapy and those seeking muscle relaxation from the target massage features on split designs. (These essentially have jetted seats on one end and function as a hot tub.)


These small spas are perfect for those that suffer from back pain, muscle or sports injuries or other chronic pain and want a way to soothe their ailments as well as have access to a low impact form of exercise.


Larger Swim Spas


If you do have a bit more space, you can choose a larger swim spa. Even just jumping up 2 feet in size to a 12 foot length can make your workout more comfortable. Swim spas can range up to 21 feet in length, so there are plenty of options available to work with your space, how many people you plan will be using it and personal preferences.


Benefits of Choosing a Smaller Swim Spa


There are some advantages to purchasing a smaller swim spa. In addition to saving space, smaller spas are easier to clean and maintain. They require fewer water chemicals (which saves you money) and are easier to drain and clean. With a small swim spa, another area you will save money on is your utility bill as there is less water to heat.


Buying a smaller swim spa can also sometimes give you more installation choices. A smaller unit can be placed inside easier, or located in a sunroom without having to do major renovations. Or, it may just fit into that perfect little corner in your backyard garden.


In the end, no matter what size swim spa you choose, you and your family will enjoy the benefits for many years to come. To learn more about the benefits of owning a swim spa, download a buyer’s guide.

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