What Is Hot Tub Stabilizer?

By Jon Filson

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What Is Hot Tub Stabilizer?


While the warm water of a hot tub makes it the ideal escape to relax and unwind at the end of the day, its water temperature is also an ideal place for germs to grow and bacteria to flourish. To keep hot tub water clean and sanitary, there is an assortment of recommended chemicals to use as well as a recommended frequency for testing your water to monitor the chemical levels.


One of the most notable chemicals a hot tub needs is chlorine. If it was just to be added alone, it would quickly break down and not work. Chlorine needs stabilizers to prevent their breakdown and work to keep your hot tub water safe and clean. In the article below, we will explain exactly what you need to know about hot tub stabilizers.



Hot Tub Stabilizer 101


Hot tub stabilizer is a chemical cyanuric acid. When exposed to sunlight, it reduces the amount of chlorine needed to keep the water clean. Chlorine reacts with ultraviolet rays when exposed to sunlight and breaks down, requiring more chlorine to be added to the water. Hot tub stabilizer is used to bond with the chlorine, preventing this reaction. It stops the chlorine from quickly breaking down, eliminating the need to constantly be adding new chlorine and saving you money by using fewer chemicals.



Why is Chemical Treatment Necessary?


While some people may think that adding chemicals to the water in theirhot tubis unnecessary, the truth is that there are many important reasons as to why these are needed. For starters, without the proper chemicals, germs and bacteria can quickly grow. Plus, running untreated water through your hot tub can cause corrosion of the major components.



Types of Hot Tub Stabilizer


There are different types of hot tub stabilizers, and often it is a matter of personal preference for which kind you would like to use. It is recommended to ask your hot tub dealer what the best type is for your model.


Stabilizer comes in either a liquid or dissolving powder form. Before you buy stabilizer, make sure that you check the temperature rating to ensure that yours is suitable for use in hot tubs.



Water Testing


An essential task that hot tub owners need to perform on a regular basis is testing their water. This will give a reading of the chemical levels and will alert you if stabilizer or any other chemical need to be added.



Chlorine Alternatives


Some people are sensitive to chlorine and find that it irritates their eyes or skin. There are some alternatives available for hot tub owners. These can include using ionizers or ozonators or even a special UV ray system. If you would prefer not running your hot tub with chlorine, ask your local hot tub dealer about what the best options are for you.


Now that you know what hot tub stabilizers are and how they are used, find out more about becoming a hot tub owner by downloading a buyer’s guide.

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