Installation Question: Can You Put A Swim Spa On A Deck?

By Jon Filson

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Installation Question: Can You Put a Swim Spa on a Deck?


One of the first things that people think about when they are considering purchasing a swim spa is where they will put it and how it will fit into the overall look, feel and layout of their home. Often, people will already have an existing deck or patio area at their home and they wonder if they can put a swim spa on a deck.


While the simple answer is that yes, you can put a swim spa on a deck, however, there is a bit more to it. First, you need to consult a professional contractor to ensure that your existing deck is sturdy enough to properly support the thousands of pounds that a swim spa filled with water is. Second, your deck needs to be perfectly level in order for a swim spa to be safely placed on it. If it’s resting surface isn’t completely level, the water can shift and cause pressure on a certain area of the spa. This will eventually lead to warping or more serious damage such as a cracked shell.


Other factors to consider when thinking about putting your swim spa on your deck is if there will be enough space left to comfortably move around the swim spa and do the activities that you and your family previously enjoyed on your deck such as BBQing, eating dinner or sunbathing.


There are many great reasons for having your swim spa on your deck. Here are just a few:


Close to Home


When you swim spa is on your deck, you literally just have to take a few steps outside to reach it. This makes it much easier when the cold weather hits to use your swim spa on a daily or weekly basis. Often, if someone installs a swim spa in the far corner of their yard, it tends to not get used as much, especially in winter.


Another great benefit of having your swim spa on your deck and near your home is that you can quickly run in to grab a towel, drink, resistance bands or anything else you may need. Again, if your swim spa is a long trek from your front door, popping back inside your house to get something you need or forgot will feel like an inconvenience.




Putting your swim spa on your deck also helps keep bathers covered from the elements. By placing a bench and seating area with some shelves and towels under the awning or overhang of your deck roof, bathers can stay warm and out of the rain or blazing hot sun between swim spa sessions.




Most decks have an element of privacy to them, making them a great location to install your swim spa. If your deck still feels a bit exposed, it is typically fairly easy to create privacy on your deck or block your neighbours' view of your swim spa. Adding a few tall potted plants, a pergola with a curtain or even a funky looking room divider can easily turn your deck and swim spa into an area of solitude.


If you have any other questions or concerns about putting a swim spa on your deck, just ask your hot tub dealer. They will be happy to help you out.


To learn more about the different swim spa models we have available, download a swim spa buyer’s guide.

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