How To Open Your Hot Tub This Spring

By Jon Filson

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How to Open Your Hot Tub This Spring


Warm weather is on its way, so if you didn't use your hot tub this winter, now is the time to open it.

Whether you're new to the process or need a refresher, below you'll find out how to easily open your hot tub this season.


Step 1: Covers


The first step to take before opening your hot tub is to take off the winter cover or tarp and thermal cover.


First, remove the winter cover and air pillow, which you can then deflate. Next, for inground hot tubs you'll need to remove and drain the water tubes. Clean these items and store them someplace where they'll stay dry and protected until you close your hot tub again.


Your next step is to remove the thermal cover. Check the interior for water and dirt, which will most likely be there. This can be easily taken care of by putting in the draining pump and pumping out the water. At this point, you should also remove rubber plugs from the jets.

Also check the shell for cracks or splits, which may be evident if you let water freeze in the hot tub over the winter. Call your hot tub dealer before continuing if you see any issues.


Cleaning the thermal cover is the next thing you can do, as this will help it last longer. Always use a vinyl or spa cover cleaner and make sure to clean both the underside and the exterior. Once the dirt is removed, put on a coat of protectant.

If your thermal cover feels heavy, it's probably wet and you'll want to dry it out by unzipping the cover, taking out the foam, and placing it outdoors in the sun for one to two days until it's dry.


Step 2: Shell and Filter


Starting with shell of your hot tub, spray an acrylic cleaner on the walls, floor, and seats, wiping it off with a sponge. Never use soap-based cleaners, which can scratch your hot tub and leave behind a film.

Use a submersible pump to remove the dirty water and clean the interior several times until the water runs clean. As a final step, wax the shell with a soft cloth and acrylic wax. Finally, clean your filter with a filter cleaning product.


Step 3: Fittings


At this point, you'll notice that there are several open fittings you'll want to reconnect. Once you do this, put in any drain plugs you removed when you shut down the hot tub at the end of last season. If you don't notice any cracks, any unscrewed fittings can be tightened. You should also check the top and front of the pump and see that the air blower is connected. Finally, shut any valve drains and set slice valves to the open position.

This is also a good time to make sure the gas is connected if you use an external gas heater. If you notice the smell of gas after turning it on, get in touch with a professional as gas leaks can be dangerous.


Step 4: Filling


Now is the time to fill your hot tub. Place a garden hose in the hot tub and turn it on, paying careful attention to ensure that the hot tub is filling. If leaks or floods become noticeable, especially around the pump and disconnect fillings, turn off the water and fix the leak before you continue. Often, you simply need to tighten the fittings or replace the gaskets or o-rings to stop the leak.


Step 5: Power


Before you turn on the hot tub, turn off the thermostat or turn it all the way down. Next, turn on the circuit breaker to the hot tub and check the GFCI to see that it tests and resets so you know the electric system is operating safely. If it is, go ahead and turn on the power.

Once the power is on, check the pump, air blower, and light to make sure they're working correctly. Before turning on the heater, make sure water is flowing into the pipes. If it is, turn on the heater and allow the water to warm up to your perfect temperature. If the jets aren't working, your dealer should be able to help you troubleshoot the problem.


At this point, all you have left to do is adjust the water chemistry and you can start using your hot tub!

Now that you've learned how to open your hot tub, download our buyer's guideto start your search for the perfect hot tub!

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