How Do I Know Which Hot Tub Has The Best Warranty?

By Jon Filson

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How do I Know Which Hot Tub Has the Best Warranty?


Because hot tubs can be pricey investments, having a good warranty is hugely important. The best warranties will be from a manufacturer that guarantees that the majority of your repairs will be covered if you are in need.


Below, you'll find out how to learn who has the best warranty so you make the smartest choice possible.


Do Your Research


Before you begin to visit dealers to try out hot tubs, you should look at each company's website to learn about the manufacturer's warranty.

A good company will always have its warranty available online. If the warranty isn't available, this can be a sign that it isn't worth having. Make sure to read each warranty carefully and write down any questions you have so you can ask your dealer about them.


What Should a Warranty Cover?


The best warranties are comprehensive, meaning that they cover not only the shell, plumbing, and equipment, but also the cost of labor and transport to and from your home for repairs. All limitations or exclusions should also be clearly explained so you aren't surprised when you get a bill.


Look for Great Reviews


Well reviewed companies with stellar reputations are more likely to offer better warranties. Look at online reviews and check to see what other customers' experiences with the company have been. A brand that is known for its high-quality products and customer support usually also offers outstanding warranties. This doesn't mean that newer companies won't offer good warranties, but that if they're extremely new they may not be around long enough to repair your hot tub when you need it. A company that has been around for longer will be more reliable in this arena.


Avoid Prorated Warranties


Some companies offer prorated warranties, which means you'll have to pay for some percentage of the cost of repair. If a warranty is prorated, you should know that there are always better warranties you can find.


Now that you know how to find a reliable hot tub warranty, download our buyer's guideto find out about our many warranty options.

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