How Long Does A Hot Tub Take To Heat?

By Jon Filson

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How Long Does a Hot Tub Take to Heat?


Often, people will ask how long does it take for a hot tub to heat. The real answer is, it depends on a number of factors. The temperature outside, how powerful your heating element is as well as if you have the hot tub covered can all factor into the equation.


Below, we will discuss how long it can take to heat your hot tub depending on these scenarios so that you know exactly what to expect.


How Quickly Will It Heat?


Generally, a hot tub in good working condition will raise the water temperature between 3-6 degrees per hour. To help your hot tub heat quicker, make sure to leave the cover on as heat can escape from the water surface.


If your hot tub is located outside, the air temperature also is a factor. Simply put, the warmer it is outside, the quicker your hot tub will heat up. If it is a warm, sunny day and you want your water temperature to reach 100 degrees, it will most likely take approximately 4 hours.


The condition of your hot tub’s components such as the water heater, pump, cover and even the jets affect how quickly your hot tub will reach its ideal temperature. If some of these components are wearing out or damaged, it can take much longer to reach the temperature you desire.


Energy Efficiency


There are a few ways that you can help improve the efficiency of your hot tub which will not only speed up how fast the water will heat up but also reduce costs on your utility bill. First and foremost, make sure that you have a quality, insulated cover that will trap heat inside the hot tub. If you need to purchase a cover, look for a lockable one with tapered edges that will keep as much heat inside as possible. If your existing cover has a hole, cracks or damage - heat is escaping which is costing you time and money.


Something that most hot tub owners never think of when considering how long it will take to heat their hot tub is their landscaping. There are ways that you can help reduce the pull of heat from your hot tub's water including surrounding with trees and shrubs or using a windshield or enclosure to prevent cooler air from reaching the water.


Also, routinely servicing your hot tub will help keep all components in good working order allowing the hot tub’s water and heat to flow freely. Make sure to follow your routine maintenance recommendations and follow the servicing guidelines that your dealer recommends.


Leaving the Heater On


Now, for the million dollar question - should you always leave your hot tub running? Or should you turn it off and only heat the water when you are planning on using it? There is no black and white answer, as this really depends on your lifestyle as well as your climate. For those that want to use their hot tub in the winter, it is best to leave your hot tub running to prevent freezing or damage. Also, this makes it convenient for you and your family to be able to jump in and enjoy whenever you feel like having a relaxing soak.


Conversely, if you are located in a warmer environment and only occasionally use your hot tub, it probably makes more sense to turn it off and only heat the water when you want to use it. Although this does take a bit of planning, it will save you some money on your overall energy costs.


Now that you know how long it usually takes to heat up a hot tub, find out more about the different styles and features of hot tubs we have available by downloading a hot tub buyer’s guide.

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