Does My Swim Spa Need A Fence?

By Jon Filson

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Does My Swim Spa Need a Fence?


If you have decided to buy a swim spa, you probably have a number of questions, including whether or not your swim spa needs a fence. While each municipality can have different regulations, in many cases, most are similar. In the article below, we will discuss what you can expect to prepare for as far as fencing the area surrounding your new swim spa.


Is a Fence Required for a Swim Spa?


The most common questions that dealers get about swim spa fencing requirements are “Do we need a fence?” and “Is a lockable cover ok instead?” Most municipalities haverequired legislation in place for any swimming pool, swim spa or hot tub in excess of 300mm deep and these barriers need to be maintained for as long as the pool or spa is in place. The primary purpose of these barriers is to restrict access by unsupervised children. There are also requirements for how high a barrier needs to be, which is usually around 1.25 metres. The fence’s materials need to be weather resistant and need to be able to withstand likely conditions like wind and minor impacts.


As most swim spas will not meet the requirements to need fencing, you can count on your municipality having legislation requiring a cover. Typically, it needs to be a lockable cover or lid that is required to be locked in place at all times when not in use and can also withstand human weight without collapse.


Some other common guidelines that your municipality may have are:


Gates- can only open away from the swim spa (outward) and need to automatically return to a closed, latched position once opened. They also cannot be opened again after closing unless the manual release mechanism is used.


Fences- Must have a solid finished surface and no climbable elements nearby.


Walls & Doors- External walls can typically be used provided there are no door openings or windows. Doors are usually prohibited from opening into a spa area.


Zoning Requirements


Most municipalities also have zoning requirements for swim spas, pools and hot tubs. Common guidelines include that the pool or spa cannot be located in a front yard or certain exterior side yards, depending on compliance with sightline regulations and building proximity.


Another common requirement is that your swim spa or hot tub will need to be set back approximately 15 metres from the property line.


While it may seem like an overwhelming amount of information you need to learn about what is required to install your swim spa, it isn’t anything that your local spa dealer can’t help you with. Ask them about local requirements, guidelines and best practices that they recommend to keep your swim spa safe from curious children or pets. The great thing about many covers and even fencing is that they come in such a wide range of colours, styles, and options that it will blend right in with your swim spa and landscaping.


Now that you know about swim spa fencing requirements, download a swim spa buyer’s guideto learn more about the models we have available.

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