Do Hot Tubs Dehydrate You?

By Jon Filson

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Do Hot Tubs Dehydrate You?


Have you ever wondered if hot tubs dehydrate you? The water in hot tubs is typically kept at around 100 degrees, although they can reach up to 104 degrees. Because of the high heat, your body sweats, which can in fact eventually dehydrate you. Provided that proper precautions are taken when using a hot tub, you have nothing to worry about. It is recommended that you do not soak for longer than 20 minutes at a time and not use a hot tub if you are under the influence of alcohol, on prescription medication or are pregnant.


For the safety of yourself and other bathers using your hot tub, it is important to be able to recognize the symptoms of dehydration. Signs that you are beginning to get dehydrated can be having a dry mouth, excessive thirst, dizziness or a headache. If you or another person using your hot tub begins to experience these symptoms, carefully get out of the hot tub and rehydrate with a glass of water. If action is not taken when the symptoms of dehydration are first noticed, it can escalate into moderate or severe dehydration, which can cause serious symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, fever, fainting or listlessness.


Keep reading below to find out some helpful tips for keeping hydrated while enjoying your hot tub.



Begin Hydrated


The best tip that you can follow is to ensure that you are properly hydrated before you even enter your hot tub. If exposed to direct sun, consider installing an umbrella or wearing a hat to help provide shade.

Make it a rule of thumb to have a glass of water before you take a soak. It will soon become a habit and part of your overall hot tub routine.



Staying Hydrated


Probably the most helpful recommendation for staying hydrated while you use your hot tub is by taking a reusable water bottle with you while you enjoy your soak. Have enough on hand for everyone in your family to be able to have their own bottle. By keeping a water bottle by your side, it provides a visual reminder to drink and stay hydrated.


If you are not a fan of plain water, infuse it to make it more appealing. Adding a few slices of lime, cucumber or berries will add some flavour. If it is more enjoyable, it will be more likely that you will drink it.


For those using their hot tub in the winter on a cool, chilly night, it is likely that you may want a warm beverage in your hands. Herbal teas are a perfect choice and will help you stay hydrated while you soak.


If you enjoy serving snacks to your hot tub guests, select choices that will also help hydrate them. Fruit and vegetables are an excellent source of H20 and contribute to your body's hydration levels.



Common Sense


Hot tubs are safe, fun and help your overall wellbeing. By following the tips above, you can ensure that you always have a safe and enjoyable hot tub experience. Really, it just comes down to using common sense.


Now that you know about hot tubs and dehydration, download a hot tub buyers guideto learn more about their features and benefits.

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