Can You Use Your Hot Tub In The Rain?

By Jon Filson

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Can You Use Your Hot Tub in the Rain?


When most people envision using their hot tub, they dream about bright sunny days or clear, starry nights - not a downpour of rain. Although hot tubbing in the rain may not be your ideal scenario, you may be surprised to learn that not only can you use your hot tub in the rain but it can be quite enjoyable and relaxing.

Read below to find out how to make the most of your hot tub experience on a rainy day.




A little bit of planning and forecasting can make your rainy day hot tub soak fun and enjoyable. Although it may take a bit of convincing to get friends and family to join you, once you get to the hot tub and are sitting in the warm, bubbly water, it will all be worth it.


To make the trek out to your hot tub easier and comfortable, place bathrobes and towels in your drying for several minutes to warm up. Brew some fresh tea or hot chocolate to hand out to your bathers. Once everyone is warm and cozy in their robes with a hot drink in their hands, grab an umbrella and head for your hot tub.


Enjoy the Rain


If you have ever gone swimming in the rain, you may already know how enjoyable it can be. Since you are already wet sitting in the hot tub, the sprinkling of rain overhead can be a refreshing and relaxing sensation. If it is raining heavily, some bathers may prefer to wear a hat to keep their hair from getting soaked. For heavy rainfalls on cooler days, make sure to wear some extra facial moisturizer to protect your skin.


Finishing Touches


Make the most out of your rainy hot tub soak and create a luxurious experience by adding elements of aromatherapy and light. Invigorating or relaxing fragrance added to the water can help stimulate your senses and melt stress away. Some of the most popular scents to choose from are:


● Lavender - known for its soothing, calming properties

● Lemon - rejuvenates and stimulates lymph drainage

● Rosemary - stimulates brain function

● Sage - powerful mood enhancer

● Cinnamon - reduces fatigue

● Sweet Orange - has anti-stress benefits


Adding some LED and coloured lights around your hot tub area make for a visually appealing and relaxing experience. Watching the raindrops bounce off the glowing light creates an atmosphere of ambiance, perfect for relaxing.


The next time it is raining outside when you are planning on using your hot tub, follow the steps above. We have all heard about singing or dancing in the rain - so why not hot tubbing? Once you open up the cover and settle down into the warm soothing water, you will wonder why you haven’t tried this before!


Now that you know how you can enjoy your hot tub in the rain, download a hot tub buyer’s guideto learn more about the wonderful health benefits that hot tubs have to offer.

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