Can You Finance A Swim Spa?

By Jon Filson

Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

Can You Finance a Swim Spa?


If you have heard about what a swim spa is, then you are familiar with the amazing hydrotherapy benefits it offers along with it being a complete all-in-one-aquatic centre for the entire family. Perfect as a year-round pool, the added benefits of relief from aches and pains and being able to get a fantastic, challenging swim workout without having to leave your own home sounds almost too good to be true.


As swim spas are a significant investment, people often wondering if there is some type of financing options available so that they can enjoy the benefits that swim spas have to offer immediately. At Hydropool, we are pleased to offer swim spa financingthrough our preferred partner, Financeit. To find out if financing a swim spa may be the right option for you, keep reading below.




With Financeit, you can quickly apply online and get pre-approved for financing before you even start shopping for a swim spa. This is a great way to know exactly what your budget is and find the perfect spa that will suit your needs and lifestyle with a simple and manageable monthly payment. Quite often, customers find that they are eligible for more credit than they expected, allowing them to significantly invest in the health and wellness of their family with a swim spa.


How Swim Spa Financing Works


Once you have completed the online application, you will receive a confirmation shortly of your application status and what credit amount you have been pre-approved for. Available credit and terms do vary according to each individual and their personal financial situation as well as credit history.


Financing for the Full Cost


Installation costs for swim spas can also add up. With swim spa financing, the amount can not only be applied to the cost of the spa but the installation as well. Your Hydropool dealer can help work with your contractor and include the installation and renovation costs in your financing agreement. This way, the entire cost of buying and installing your swim spa becomes a simple monthly payment.


Owning a swim spa is such a great investment in the health of your family, getting the features that you need and not settling for less can make sense.

To learn more about the benefits of becoming a swim spa owner, download a swim spa buyer’s guide.

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