Can Swim Spas Be Put In Ground?

By Jon Filson

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Can Swim Spas Be Put in Ground?


One of the first questions that will pop into the minds of people considering buying a swim spa is, ‘Can a swim spa be put in ground?’ It most certainly can. In fact, many people choose this installation route as the finished look is beautifully polished, contemporary and can resemble the appearance of a traditional backyard swimming pool set up.


While it is true that an inground swim spa installation does involve more work on the installation side, it can be done rather quickly. For those that are anxious to get their swim spa delivered and running, an inground installation is nowhere near as lengthy of a process as it is with building a custom backyard swimming pool. Below, we will highlight each step of the process so that you know exactly what to expect.


Location Preparation


First, the selected location in your yard will need to be cleared and any debris cleaned and removed. After the excavation area is marked, the pit is dug. Concrete is then laid on the bottom to reinforce and the surrounding walls are built up using sturdy, cement blocks.


Swim Spa Installation


Your swim spa will need to be delivered and a crane will be required to carefully hoist the spa over any barriers, such as your house, and gently place into the pit. This usually involves at least 4 or 5 workers to ensure that the spa is guided in a smooth, controlled fashion and placed into the pit with the utmost care.

Once the crane operator and team have positioned the swim spa in the pit, they will double check to ensure that everything is properly level.




Next, joists for the decking are put into place and the boards laid to create the surrounding surface area for your swim spa. While not required, a popular option is for the swim spa cover to be placed on a roller track so that it can easily be pulled on and off the spa as required. Decking can also be fitted on top of the cover for a seamless look.


Finally, the decking wood is stained and the final area is cleaned up.


Last Steps


After the installation is complete, the last few steps are the fun part. Your swim spa needs to be filled with water and you and your family can jump in for your first test swim. It is important to make sure that you understand where all the essential components are and how to properly operate your unit. If you have any questions, your dealer will be more than happy to help.


To learn more about installing a swim spa, download a buyer’s guide.

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