Are Hot Tubs Hard To Maintain?

By Jon Filson

Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

Are Hot Tubs Hard to Maintain?


For anyone that wants to enjoy a spa-like relaxation retreat brimming with wellness benefits in the comfort of their home, owning a hot tub is the perfect solution. Often, when shopping for a hot tub, people wondering if hot tubs are hard to maintain and what the on-going requirements will be. In the article below, we will explain the simple steps involved in maintaining your hot tub and keeping it clean.


Filter Cleaning


To keep your hot tub functioning optimally, clean your filters regularly. This will not only help improve the lifespan of your hot tub but will keep your water sparkling clean and hygienic. Depending on your model, it may be recommended to rinse and clean your water filter every 3-6 weeks.


To clean, remove the filter and rinse with fresh water before soaking in a specialized cleaning solution and allow to completely dry before replacing. For those that don’t want any downtime with their hot tub while cleaning, a second filter can be purchased to use while the other is receiving maintenance.


Change the Water


While Hydropool's self-cleaning technology will purify, remove impurities and continuously filter the water in your hot tub, it will still need to be occasionally changed. Depending on how much your hot tub is being used, it is recommended to drain and replace the water every one to four months. Another factor which may require your hot tub water to be changed is certain visible water conditions such as foamy or milky water which can occur after heavy usage.


Shell Cleaning


When you are replacing the water in your hot tub, it is the perfect time to take a moment and clean the spa shell surface. Regular cleaning of the interior will prevent a build-up of oil and debris below the water line and keep your hot tub sparkling clean. Generally, all that is needed to clean the shell is a soft damp cloth however if you do have any stubborn stains, ask your hot tub dealer to recommend a specialized cleaning agent which will not leave any soap residue behind.


Keep Covered


They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and this logic certainly applies to keeping your hot tub covered. In fact, keeping your hot tub covered is probably the easiest ways that you can keep your hot tub clean. A good, quality cover will not only keep leaves and debris out of your hot tub but will also help to trap and reuse heat, saving you money on your energy bill.


To keep your cover in good condition, it will require regular cleaning. Every month or so, remove the cover and lay on a flat surface and rise with a hose to remove any trapped dirt. Wiping the top of the cover with a mild dish detergent or non-abrasive cleaner will keep it in top condition and looking brand new.


Hydropool hot tubs are designed to do all the heavy lifting as far as routine cleaning goes. Our pressurized microfilters can clean 100% of the hot tub’s water in just 15 minutes, along with vacuuming the floor and high flow skimmers to keep the water surface clean. Although it may sound like a lot of maintenance is required, in reality, these tasks only take between half an hour to an hour per month to complete. By investing a small amount of time into regular maintenance, you can rest assured that your hot tub will last for many years to come, providing you with enjoyment and relaxation anytime you wish.


To learn more about Hydropool self-cleaning hot tubs, download a hot tub buyer’s guide today.

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