Are Hot Tubs Good For Your Health?

By Jon Filson

Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

Published May 15, 2024

Are Hot Tubs Good for Your Health?


Not only are hot tubs a great place for relaxing in warm, bubbling waters, but they can also provide many other benefits as well.  Hot tubs are great for socializing and can act as a catalyst for becoming closer with family and friends.  As a place of relaxation that can be used in almost every weather condition, they can also help you connect with the outdoors.  Hot tubs are a great place to watch the sunrise or sunset and contemplate the moon and the stars.  Hot tubs can also become an instrument of hydrotherapy - the practice of using water for healing or pain relief purposes.  Are hot tubsgood for your health?  In this article, we’ll go over a list of potential health benefits derived from using your hot tub on a regular basis.


Relief from Stress


It seems that stress has become an unavoidable factor in our modern lives.  Stress is the body’s way of dealing with threats, challenges, and demands.   Being woken by the morning alarm clock, dealing with a daily commute, getting through a day’s work, preparing something to feed yourself and your family and the myriad of extracurricular activities we take on every day can truly wear you out.  Is it possible to deal with these daily anxieties without letting them take over your life completely?  Well, a hot tub can surely help. 


Because hot tubs are more energy efficient when they’re kept at running temperature, they’re ready to go whenever you are.  Slide into the tub when you get home from work to take the edge off.  Or maybe you’d rather have a morning soak to prepare for the day.  Feeling too uptight to go to sleep?  Give yourself 15 minutes in the hot tub’s warm waters and you’re sure to feel relaxed enough for a night’s slumber.


Relief from Arthritis


Although there are dozens of different types of arthritis, the one thing they all have in common is the inflammation of the joints.  Arthritis can be caused by a breakdown of a joint’s cartilage to due overuse, infection, autoimmune disorders or genetics.  Although a hot tub won’t cure arthritis, it can make it easier to deal with the pain.  Not only can the warm water and massaging jets reduce inflammation, the buoyancy that water gives the body can reduce pressure on painful joints. 


Relief from Back Pain


There’s not a much worse or debilitating pain than that which affects your back.  For anyone who’s experienced it, they know that back pain is no joke.  But other than patiently waiting for it to go away, is there anything that can be done to provide some immediate relief?  Well, if you can manage to get yourself into a hot tub, your back will start to feel better.  Once again, a hot tub is not a cure for a bad back, but it can help you manage the pain.  Warm water, buoyancy, and massaging jets will all play a role in relieving a sore back.


Relief from Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia is not a new disease, but it was only recently that it was recognized by the medical community.  For hundreds of years, it was thought to be a mental disorder rather than a physical ailment.  The disease is characterized by a tenderness found all over the body that results in chronic pain, lethargy and sleeping problems.  And although medical consultation is necessary when it comes to such symptoms, it’s possible to get temporary relief by using a hot tub.  There have been studies that show that hydrotherapy can result in fibromyalgia symptom relief.  If you suffer from fibromyalgia, speak to your doctor about the benefits of hydrotherapy.


Now that you know why hot tubs are so good for your health, download a hot tub buyer’s guideto find out more about our models.

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