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Key Features

Hydropool Hot Tubs Inc. is one of the largest hot tub manufacturers in the world and is committed to building superior hot tubs utilizing the latest technologies, with the latest environmental practices. Our research and development team is always striving to be at the leading edge of innovation and design.

High Flow High Flow Skimmer and Pre Filter

Self Cleaning

The easiest hot tubs and swim spas in the world to maintain.

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Hydropool Hot Tub Hardcover

Energy Efficiency

Hydropool hot tubs and swim spas are engineered to be the most energy efficient in the world.

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Super Soft Pillows


Immerse yourself in luxury.

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Safety Steps in a Hydropool Hot Tub


Building hot tubs and swim spas using the latest technology.

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Advanced Hot Tub Therapies


The science of therapeutic massage for hot tubs and swim spas.

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Hydropool Hot Tub Factory


The company behind every hot tub and swim spa.

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Swim Current

The perfect swim.

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Swimspa Fun and Fitness

The family fun pool.

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Hydropool Hot Tubs

Salt Water Technology

Home of the salt water hot tub and swim spa – clean water done right.

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About Hydropool Hot Tubs Inc.

Headquartered in Mississauga, Canada, Hydropool Hot Tubs Inc. originated in 1970 as a commercial swimming pool company and in 1978 became one of the first hot tub retailers in North America. Our products are now sold through a 250+ retailer network in over 40 countries.

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