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Can You Use a Swim Spa in the Winter?

Can You Use a Swim Spa in the Winter?

Posted 2/22/2019

Have you ever wondered if you can use a swim spa in the winter? You most certainly can! While most people may only think of using a swim spa or hot tub on a nice, clear day, they are actually very enjoyable to use in the winter as well. In fact, many people prefer using their swim spas in the winter months. Swim spas offer such a fantastic way to get a complete full body workout as well as being a relaxation outlet, it makes sense to take advantage of them all year round. Keep reading below to find out the top 4 reasons for using your swim spa in the winter.

Warm Escape

Weeks of cold weather can be dreary but a great way to have a mini-escape from the cold is to jump into the warm water of your swim spa. Using your swim spa will help you stay active and get more fresh air in the season than you otherwise might. The heated water and hydrotherapy massage features can help you relax, reduce muscle tension, help you sleep better as well as provide a much-needed warm escape.

Relaxing in your swim spa in the winter will also help enhance the enjoyment of your home for your family. Watch the snowfall, enjoy some quiet time with a steaming cup of hot chocolate or even relax and stay warm as your kids play in the snow. There are so many great winter enjoyment possibilities.

Winter Exercise

Too often, people don’t want to make the trek to their gym or go for a run when it is cold or snowing. When you own a swim spa, you have the ultimate gym in your backyard to use whenever it is convenient, without having to bundle up and leave your home.

Swim spas offer much more than just a typical swim workout. Crunches, lunges, squats, jumping jacks and more can be performed to change up your routine and get a full cardio workout.

Soothe Sore Muscles

Swim spas have wonderful therapeutic qualities and can quickly help reduce inflammation, heal sore muscles and reduce chronic pain. Winter conditions can be harsh on our body and activities, like shoveling snow or being stressed from driving in a snowstorm, can take a toll. Owning a swim spa is not only the perfect way to help heal your body and de-stress, but it gives you that little break that you deserve.

Family Time

When the cold weather strikes, it can be difficult to get outside and be active together as a family. Having a swim spa is a great option for everyone to spend some quality time together in the fresh air while also staying warm. You can teach your children how to swim, use your swim spa as a wave pool, float on pool noodles or just relax on the seats and enjoy catching up on each other’s days.

If you had any hesitations about using a swim spa in the winter, after reading this article, you may have changed your outlook and might even be looking forward to using your swim spa this winter.

To find out more about what to look for when buying a swim spa and the different features and options available, download a swim spa buyer’s guide today.

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