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Who Needs Hot Tub Time in Your Family

Who Needs Hot Tub Time in Your Family?

Posted 4/23/2018

Many families these days find it harder and harder to spend quality time together, especially as their children age. After school activities, organized sports, homework and wanting to go out with friends can all mean less time to spend together. What is a solution? Well, for starters when you do spend time together as a family, you want to make the most of it. One excellent way to do so is by soaking in your home hot tub.

Below, we will look at who needs hot tub time in your family as well as why it is a great solution to bringing the family together.

Who Needs Tub Time Time?

Everyone in your family does! Children, teens, and adults all can benefit and enjoy taking a relaxing soak.

Children - Just like adults, can enjoy sitting in a hot tub after a long school day or enjoy the warm soothing water while they socialize with others. That being said, younger children should not soak for as long as adults and they should never be left unsupervised in the hot tub.

Teenagers - Many teens are active in sports and love soaking in a hot tub to help soothe sore muscles. Others will look forward to using the hot tub while streaming their favorite playlist on the weekends.

Parents - What parent couldn’t benefit from some quiet time to relax, take advantage of hydrotherapy and enjoy some downtime. Whether it is some much needed alone time or with a significant other or friends, hot tubs are always a popular activity amongst adults.

Quality Time Together

Probably the most enticing benefit of spending family time together in a hot tub is that it is unplugged, zero distractions, quality time. These days, in our mobile-obsessed world, there are few occasions which are not interrupted by a buzzing phone or when the person you want to spend time with is completely immersed with some app and barely paying attention.

Soaking in the hot tub solves these barriers, for starters electronics and water do not mix. Leave the phones in another room, kick off your shoes and set aside some hot tub time to socialize and catch up on each others news. When you own your own hot tub, another major advantage is that you do not have to plan out when to use your hot tub. If you feel like jumping in, just ask other family members if they would like to join, and you will probably be surprised at how often you end up with company.

Game Night Refresh

Sometimes, routines can get stale. If your family typically enjoys a weekly game night, it can be fun to change up the norm and instead have it in your hot tub. There are plenty of hot tub friendly and waterproof games available, including playing cards, checkers, and popular board games.

It is safe to say that everyone in your family can use a little hot tub time. Now that you know how it can increase the amount of quality time that you spend together, download a hot tub buyer’s guide to browse our different models.

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