Energy Efficiency and Maintenance

Two of the most common questions buyers ask when shopping for a swim spa have to do with maintenance and energy efficiency. How difficult is it to keep a swim spa clean? How much will running a swim spa impact my energy bill? In this article, we’re going to answer these questions, and show you how Hydropool’s swim spas take maintenance and energy efficiency to the next level.

How Hard is it to Maintain a Hydropool Swim Spa?

So, is it easy to maintain your swim spa? Absolutely, 100% yes! Hydropool’s filtration jets, combined with our high flow skimmer, our pre-filter, our built-in floor vacuum, and our pressurized filtration system -- all combined with our pure water system makes this the easiest swim spa in the world to maintain. It filters 100% of the water within the spa in only 40 minutes!

Energy Efficiency


Plus, the fact that it's filtering all that water in only 40 minutes also means that it is the most energy efficient swim spa on the market. Just how efficient is it? Let’s say you're going to want to use this swim spa all year long, you're going to want to use it as an all-season pool. With the hydropool self-cleaning swim spa you can do that with no problem whatsoever. There are many things that go into creating energy efficient swim spas, but probably the most important thing that people overlook is the amount of time that the swim spa has to be on in order to filter all of its water. The fact that it filters all of its water in only 40 minutes means that it doesn't have to be on as long as the competitors’ spas to filter the same amount of water.

Insulated Cover

Secondly, every single one of our swim spas has an optional hard cover with a five inch cover, which insulates the swim spa very well. The majority of the heat in a swim spa, just like with your body, is being lost through the top, so we make sure the top of our spas are heavily insulated to prevent heat loss.

Insulated Pipes

We also insulate the pipes and the shell of our swim spas. What does that do for you? Well, it traps the heat of the pipes and the shell in there, which basically supports the plumbing, improves the amount of heat that stays in your spa, and makes the swim spa incredibly quiet to run throughout the year.

Insulated Cabin

Finally, we wrap the bottom of the swim spa and the cabin in a thermal shield blanket. What's the benefit to you, the consumer? How does that help energy efficiency? Essentially, it traps the waste heat of the motors so that heat can be used to keep your water warm. Each one of the motors creates a kilowatt and a half of heat. That heat normally gets lost outside the swim spa through the cabinet, but what we've done is we've basically made a convection oven inside of your swim spa, utilizing that waste heat of the motor. This, plus the added insulation to the plumbing and the shell, along with a very well insulated cover, and the short filtration time (40 minutes for 100% of the water) makes our swim spas the most energy efficient swim spas in the world.

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