What is Hydropool’s Pure Water System for Hot Tubs?

By Jon Filson

Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

Published May 15, 2024

When looking at hot tubs you will typically find a variety of pitches on cleaning and sanitizing your hot tub water.

Hydropool has a patented self-cleaning system, which is designed to clean your hot tub the same way commercial pools are sanitized (a full article explaining it is here).

A big part of our self-cleaning system is the Pure Water technology component. We want to use this article to explain it in full, so you know exactly what you’re getting if you’re considering it.  

Explaining both the self-cleaning and the Pure Water system is something our Hydropool retailers do regularly. At the most simple level, Hydropool’s Pure Water system combines ozone with UV light, in a similar way to how drinking water is purified, to ensure your hot tub is as clean as possible. It’s also known as an AOP system or Advanced Oxidization Process (which we will explain!) which is something most premium hot tub companies offer, usually as an option.  

In this article, we will explain the following:

  • What is an AOP system?
  • What is Hydropool’s Pure Water system?
  • Which Hydropool hot tub models carry Pure Water?
  • Can I buy a hot tub without the Pure Water system?
  • How does the Pure Water function with Hydropool’s self-cleaning system?

By the end, we hope you have a good sense of whether the Pure Water system (or any AOP system) is what you’re looking for with your hot tub.



What is an AOP System for Hot Tubs?

An AOP system stands for Advanced Oxidization Process. What is the process? It’s a procedure that removes organic and inorganic material from water. Scientifically speaking, the process creates hydroxyl radicals which happen when UV light and ozone are used together.

While you can get just an ozone system or just UV for your hot tub, and they will help, combined the two are far more powerful than either alone.

Hydroxyls are natural cleaners. So by creating more of them in your water, AOP is a process that naturally sanitizes your water.

What are the Benefits of an AOP System?

An AOP system’s main benefit is that it reduces your chemical usage. It doesn’t entirely replace chemicals, but it does complement the bromine or chlorine you use in your hot tub, allowing you to use significantly less (up to 50 percent less in most cases).

AOP systems became popular starting around 2018 and rapidly became an industry-standard offering among premium hot tub makers. Ozone and UV had existed as separate elements for about a decade previous. Today most premium hot tub builders offer them. About a quarter of companies have it as an option or standard feature.

What is Hydropool’s Pure Water System?

This it the kind of thing that is better seen. Have a look at the video here:

In essence, your hot tub’s water is passed through a cell where it is first treated with ozone, which acts as an oxidizer. Then it is blasted by a high volume of UV light, which finishes off any bacteria or particles that have ended up in your hot tub.

What are the Benefits of the Pure Water System by Hydropool?

The process is considered a 1 + 1 = 3 operation because by working together both sanitizing elements do more than either can on their own.

  • Built-up calcium and biofilm are targeted in your hot tub pipes.
  • Eye irritation is minimized.
  • Any need for a floating chemical dispenser is eliminated.

Which Models Carry Hydropool PureWater?

Can I Buy a Hot Tub Without an AOP System?

Hydropool puts a priority on clean water, so it is standard on our premium models, which are also our top-sellers. So in contrast to the industry as a whole, most of Hydropool hot tubs are sold with an AOP system.

Yes, you can buy a hot tub without an AOP system in it, from Hydropool or other companies. Many hot tubs, even most, are sold without any kind of AOP system. Hydropool’s Serenity line has PureWater as an option.

As an option, an AOP system for a hot tub generally costs between $600 and $800.

How does the PureWater system fit into Hydropool’s self-cleaning system?

Hydropool’s self-cleaning system has multiple elements, with the PureWater system fitting in as a crucial element:

  • A filtration jet pushes any material in the hot tub towards the top-skimmer. That starts the self-cleaning process.
  • The top skimmer removes any material that floats. One filter just behind the skimmer picks up any material from lotions or oils in the water.
  • A bottom commercial-grade floor vacuum sucks up anything that sinks to the bottom. It merges with the water from the top skimmer.
  • PureWater comes into play here. Once the jet and vacuum suck up the water through the first filter, it then passes through the PureWater system, which first adds the oxidizer element before zapping the water with a blast of UV light.   
  • The final step of the process is pressurized filtration. What that means is that after being treated with the Pure Water system, the water is then plumbed to be directed to a final filter. The pressurized process ensures that no water ever escapes being filtered. With a Hydropool self-cleaning hot tub, all of your water is filtered roughly every 15 minutes.  

So while the self-cleaning system ensures your hot tub is being perpetually cleaned, Pure Water proactively is working to ensure there is less and less cleaning to actually be done.

What is Hydropool’s Pure Water system?

Hydropool’s Pure Water system is really Hydropool’s AOP system, which stands for Advanced Oxidization Process. Using the combination of oxidizers and UV light, it works to clean your hot tub in the same way that drinking water is often sanitized, by creating hydroxyls, which naturally get rid of bacteria in your water.

AOP systems have been used since about 2018 in hot tubs, with about a third of companies today offering it as a sanitization solution. Hydropool is one of those manufacturers and calls its system Pure Water.  

The Pure Water system functions as a core part of Hydropool’s Self-Cleaning system, which is a patented system unique to the company.

We hope this article has fully explained the Pure Water system for you. But if we have missed anything, don’t hesitate to let us know: Contact us through your local dealer here

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