Top Tips For How to Run A Hot Tub Economically

By Jon Filson

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Top Tips for How to Run a Hot Tub Economically


Investing in a hot tub is a major decision. Not only is there the upfront cost to consider, but the expense of running and heating it. Luckily there are many quality hot tubs that won't cost you a fortune to run and the most economical hot tubs are those with energy-efficient features.

Below you'll discover the ins and outs of how to run a hot tub economically, so you save money while enjoying your new purchase.


Preventing Expensive Energy Bills


If you want to know how much will a hot tub increase energy bill costs, it depends on several factors. Among the most important of these are whether the hot tub has good insulation, an efficient pump and filtration system, and the quality of the cover. Many spas also come equipped with a hot tub economy mode, which can help you reduce your costs. Look out for hot tubs with unnecessary features, as these can increase your electric bills.


Hot Tub Temperature Settings


Many people set their hot tubs at a temperature of 104F, but dropping it by just two degrees can help you save big on electric bills. In addition, using the energy saving setting when you're away allows you to reduce the heat. In summer, you can often turn the heat completely off or at minimum use a lower heat setting.


Know Your Off-Peak Hours


Some electric companies reduce their electric rates during off-peak hours, so setting your heating and filtering cycles for these times can help you save.


Air-Induction Jets


Forced air systems like blowers and bubblers were once incredibly popular, but they use a lot of power and cause the water to cool more quickly, so you should avoid them. Instead, choose controllable air-induction jets which will minimize your spending.


Continuous Filtration Pumps


Continuous filtration pumps are one of the quietest pump styles. These pumps constantly circulate the water to prevent long periods of filtering and heating, thus using less power overall.


Hot Tub Covers


If you think covers are just for keeping debris out of your hot tub, think again. They are also incredibly important to energy savings, which means you should invest in a high-quality option. Because heat rises, it is most often lost through the surface of the water. A heat-retaining cover can help you lock heat in and keep the water warm. Choose one with padded seals, locks, and shields that can return heat to your hot tub. Make sure it's always tightened or locked to keep heat in.

Even if you invest in an outstanding spa cover, you can lose heat from the water's surface. Using a thermal blanket will cut heat loss by 95%.


Keep Filters Clean


If your hot tub's filter is dirty, you'll have less water flow and a less efficient hot tub. Clean your filter using a non-foaming filter cleaner at least every 4 months.

If you're using all of these tips with an older hot tub but aren't saving as much as you'd like, it may be time to invest in a newer, more efficient option. 


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