How Much Does An Exercise Pool Cost?

By Jon Filson

Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

How Much Does an Exercise Pool Cost?


While exercise pools, also known as swim spas, in recent years have been increasing in popularity, there is still somewhat of a new concept for many. Most people just learning about swim spas are not sure how much they cost or what additional expenses to expect. To find out how much exercise pool costs, keep reading below.


How Much is a Swim Spa?


There can be a wide range in swim spa prices, with the average being between $10,000 and $50,000.  There is a significant difference in the quality of a low-end swim spa versus a high-end one, which is why there is such a variation in price. Swim spas typically fall into one of three categories: low end, mid-range, and high end.


Pricing for Low-End Swim Spa


Low-end swim spas are usually built overseas, using the cheapest materials available in order to keep the price tag low. These swim spas are often built with cheap hot tub components like pumps and jets instead of specialized swim spa parts, which leads to lackluster user experience. The same applies to the filtration system, low-end swim spas will usually have a hot tub filtration system that isn’t designed to keep that amount of water clean. Low-end swim spas have a price range of $10,000 to $20,000.


One side effect of cheap swim spas is that because the components have to be working around the clock to try and stay on top of cleaning and filtering the water, your energy bills will be very high.


Pricing for Mid-Range Swim Spas


Mid-range swim spas are often manufactured in Canada and will come with a thorough warranty. They are also usually built with parts designed specifically for a swim spa and the current diverters, jets and pumps are built to create an enjoyable swim experience, significantly better than what a low-endswim spadelivers.

Mid-range swim spas can fall short in their power capabilities and that the swim current may feel slightly choppy. Some manufacturers will try to compensate by including a tether system that keeps the swimmer in place while using the current. The average price range for a mid-range swim spa is between $20,000 and $35,000.


Pricing for High-End Swim Spas


While the price tag is higher, top of the line swim spas delivers an exceptional swim experience. The highest quality parts are used with careful design planning to deliver a strong, challenging and ultra-smooth swimming experience. These swim spas are also more spacious and usually offer dual-temperature zones where one side of the spa can be a comfortable temperature for working out while the other end can be warmer so that another person can be enjoying a hydrotherapy massage.


Interestingly, many mid-range and high-end swim spas still use hot tub filtration systems, which are still inefficient. Hydropool’s self-cleaning swim spas use a highly efficient filtration system designed specifically for swim spa usage, which reduces your energy bill and keeps the water looking crystal clear.


Other Swim Spa Costs


While buying a swim spa is the main expense, there are other costs to consider as well. The price for installation can vary depending on how you choose to install your new exercise pool. Placing on a concrete pad is more cost-effective than an in-ground installation with decking built around it.

For a simple installation, expect to pay between $3,000 to $5,000 which will cover the concrete padding and electrical installation.


Other on-going costs can vary significantly as it depends on the model that is purchased. The quality of the filtration system will have a significant impact on your energy usage, as a quality system cleans the water quickly and does not need to be running constantly when not in use.

How well your swim spa is insulated will also factor into what your on-going monthly costs are. A well-insulated swim spa will trap, and reuse heat produced by the components, increasing the energy efficiency.


Now that you know what price range a quality swim spa is, download a swim spa buyer's guideto learn more about their features.

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