How Hot Do Swim Spas Get?


If you are considering buying a swim spa, you may be wondering how hot do swim spas get? Is the water as warm as a hot tub usually is? While a swim spa can, in fact, be heated to the same temperature as a hot tub, often the water is preferred when it is at a cooler temperature.


Keep reading below to find out what the ideal temperature is for swim spas and why.


Cooler Temperature for Exercise


One of the main advantages of a swim spa is the stationary current designed for users to get a fantastic swim workout. Eliminating the need to have to continually turn around and do laps as well as the space requirements needed for a traditional swimming pool, swim spas are rapidly gaining in popularity.


When used for exercise, the recommended water temperature is between 80-82 degrees. This temperature is comfortable and is ideal for muscle mobility. When water is too warm, your body temperature increases, you sweat more and are more susceptible to dehydration. 


Warm Water Caution


When the water in your swim spa reaches over 90 degrees, you can be at risk for overheating and exhaustion. This risk is amplified the more you exert yourself or the harder that you workout. When the temperature in your body is raised, your body sweats to try to cool down and regulate its temperature. This can affect muscle mobility, imbalance electrolytes and cause dehydration.


When to Raise the Temperature


Many swim spas have a split design with customized spa seats and water jets at one end. For the times that you are using your swim spa to relax and receive a hydrotherapy massage, you will probably prefer a water temperature similar to a hot tub. The recommended soaking temperature for your swim spa is between 100 - 104 degrees when using your spa area.


Dual Water Temperatures


You are probably wondering what temperature to set your swim spa at if you have somepeople that want to work out and others that want to relax at the same time. Thankfully, Hydropool swim spas feature dual temperature technology. This option gives everyone in your household the best of both worlds, as the swimming section will have a temperature ideal for working out and the hot tub section will be warm and relaxing.


Saving Energy


Hydropool swim spas are also designed to trap and reuse the heat generated from the swim spa components. By always using a fitted, insulated cover when your swimspa is not in use, you can help make sure that the heat does not escape from the water. Although Hydropool models are incredibly energy efficient, there is no reason to waste energy if unnecessary.


Now that you know how hot the water in a swim spa can get, download a buyer’s guideto learn more about their features and benefits.

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