Can Hot Tubs Be Used Cold?

By Jon Filson

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Can Hot Tubs Be Used Cold?


If the summer heat has been getting to you, there are days where you may not feel like taking a soak in your hot tub. While hot water is relaxing, after weeks of soaring temperatures, jumping into cool, refreshing water may be the only thing on your mind. If you have asked yourself, ‘Can hot tubs be used cold?’ the answer is yes!


In fact, all you need to do to use your hot tub cold is to turn down the temperature on the digital display. Once the temperature has cooled, you can jump in and enjoy an invigorating version of your favourite massage program. Keep reading for more tips on how you can enjoy your ‘cool’ tub in hot weather.


Hot Tub Cover


hot tub coveris designed to trap and re-use heat. If you want to keep your water cool, after you drop the temperature, keep the lid slightly ajar when not in use. By not having your hot tub cover completely seal the hot tub, the heat will be able to escape.


While you don’t want to leave off the cover entirely as dirt, debris or other objects can end up in the hot tub, slightly propping the cover-up on a corner by a few inches will do the trick.


Quick Cool Down


If you are in a hurry to cool down your hot tub water, after you have lowered the temperature, turn on the water jets. By letting the water circulate, it will cool down quicker. In a really big hurry? Throw in a couple of bags of ice.




Summertime is the perfect time to entertain friends and family. Backyard BBQ’s, bonfires and activities take over many evenings and weekends. For many, it is their favouriteseason and they want to enjoy as much time outdoors before the cold weather arrives. So, if you have a hot tub in your backyard, enjoy it as much as you can! If the hot weather has everyone zapped, throw a ‘cool’ tub party that your friends and family will love.


Remember to regularly clean your hot tub filters so that they can circulate the water and keep it cool. Stick to the same water chemical schedule as you do in other seasons. In fact, if you are entertaining frequently and more people are using your tub than in other seasons, you may need to test your more often. Finally, another benefit of lowering your water temperature in the summer is that you can look forward to saving a few bucks on your energy bill.


Now that you know that a hot tub can be used cold, download a hot tub buyer’s guideto find out more about their health and wellness benefits.

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