Can Hot Tubs Be Cold In Summer?

By Jon Filson

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Can Hot Tubs Be Cold in Summer?


Hot tubs have long been known as an ideal place to relax in warm, bubbling water. Warm water plays an important role in various types of hydrotherapy by increasing blood circulation, reducing blood pressure and improving sleep patterns. But what happens in the middle of the summer when the weather gets unbearably hot? Soaking in warm water may not seem like such an attractive proposition.  Can hot tubsbe cold in summer? Is there any way to use this small body of water to cool you off when the thermometer is reaching its peak? Keep reading below to find out!


Morning and Evening Soaks


One way to combat high summer temperatures while still getting used out of your hot tub is to use it early in the morning and later in the evening when the ambient temperature has fallen. A soak in the hot tub before work is a great way to wake up and start your day with a positive spin. Conversely, soaking in your hot tub before you go to bed will help you fall asleep more easily and get a better rest throughout the night. That being said, it can be challenging to use your hot tub, no matter the time of day, if your summer temperatures become unbearably hot.


When It Gets Too Hot Outside


Fortunately, your hot tub isn’t restricted to generating hot water only. It’s easy enough to turn down your water heater to below 30 degrees Celsius and allow the water to cool down to a level that’s actually refreshing when the outdoor temperatures are skyrocketing. You can even keep the jets on to get the water bubbling and receive their massaging effects. In this way, you’re able to use your hot tub as a small plunge pool that allows you to cool off whenever needed.


New Water-Cooling Technologies


Because using a hot tub in hot weather has been a problem ever since there were hot tubs, advances in technology have allowed systems to be created that will cool the hot tub water much like an air conditioner can cool the air in a hot room. This allows you the luxury of being able to access cool water much more quickly than if you just let it cool naturally over several days. Because most hot tubs are built with thick layers of insulation, naturally cooling the water can take quite some time. Having cooling technology at your disposal will reduce the time it takes to cool from several days to a handful of minutes


Regulating Water Temperatures


If your hot tub doesn’t have the latest cooling technologies, there are ways you can bring down the temperature of the water using old school methods. If your hot tub water is hotter than usual because of the air temperature, you can regulate this by venting your hot tub cover. Simply place some pool noodles or tennis balls under the edges of the cover to allow heat to escape while still protecting the water from airborne contamination. You might also want to remove the cover completely early in the morning and late in the evening to allow excess heat to dissipate. It’s not recommended that you leave the cover off overnight as the amount of debris that may end up in your water will cancel out any benefits of it cooling down.


Add Ice


Another way to quickly bring down your hot tub water temperature is to freeze water in large milk jugs or other containers. Turn down the water heater and float the frozen jugs in the water an hour or two before you want to use it. It’s better to use contained ice rather than ice cubes because you won’t have to worry about any effects on the water chemistry when adding large quantities of ice.


Use the Shade


If your hot tub is fully exposed to the sun throughout the day the water will definitely warm up more than you might want it to. You can reduce the effect of direct sun exposure by using a large umbrella or another type of shade creating shelter. A large canopy can act as a protection against both the sun and any inclimate weather.


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