Hydropool vs Sunrise: Which is the best hot tub for you?

By Jon Filson

Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

Published Apr 29, 2024

If you’ve shopped hot tubs, you’ve seen Sunrise Spas and you’ve seen Hydropool as you’ve browsed. And now you’re trying to decide: Which is the best for you?  

This is common, especially if you’re shopping in Canada. Hydropool has built hot tubs out of Mississauga in Ontario for decades now and Sunrise has done the same out of Grimsby, just an hour away.  

But like every hot tub brand, each company takes its own approach in building the ultimate collection. And as you’ll see here, Sunrise and Hydropool have taken a very different method to selling hot tubs in Canada and around the world.  

In this article we’re going to compare the two brands in the most honest way possible. We know it’s odd for a company to discuss another’s product lineup and we totally understand that you could dismiss us as being biased. But we will try to honestly assess our brand against Sunrise Spas in this hot tub review. 

We have always understood there will be competition in the industry, and while we hope everyone might buy a Hydropool hot tub after this review, we understand there will be times when another choice might make sense. That’s why we wrote this, so you could see which one makes the most sense for you.  

We will compare: 

  • The model lineup of each brand, so you can see which hot tubs compare.   
  • Which looks better? 
  • Which is easier to maintain?  
  • Which has the best massage?  
  • Which is less expensive?  

Let’s see how these two brands stack up.  



Hydropool vs Sunrise: Model comparison 

Sunrise Spas has a different approach to its models than most (so does Hydropool). Most companies offer a good/better/best lineup, often ranging from plug and play hot tubs to luxury hot tubs.  

Sunrise does make their hot tubs along this approach, with their Classic collection, which features the S, and the SX, which are both North American only. It also has a Paragon collection, which is only available in Europe, according to Sunrise’s website.  

Hydropool starts with the mid-range Serenity line and top-of-the-line Signature.   

So in terms of comparing the two brands: 

  • Hydropool doesn’t have an S series, which is Sunrise’s least expensive line. It’s a 110V hot tub designed to plug into a standard outlet.  
  • Hydropool’s Serenity line is comparable to the Sunrise SX series.  
  • Hydropool’s Signature is best compared to the Europe-only Paragon series.  

Hydropool vs Sunrise Spas: Which looks best?  

Throughout their lineups, both companies make hot tubs designed to blend into the background of traditional backyards.  

  • The outer cabinets from each company are classic, with Sunrise offering a grey, brown and black and Hydropool featuring a brownish grey and a black.  
  • Both Sunrise and Hydropool feature up to six acrylic colors, but Hydropool has more neutrals and Sunrise more marble styles.  

Differences on looks are subjective with models this comparable. If this aspect is important to you, we’d encourage you to see each in person to decide which you like better.  

Hydropool vs Sunrise: Which is easier to maintain?  

Both Hydropool’s Serenity and Sunrise systems are similar and conform to what is roughly the industry standard of hot tub sanitization. Both have AOP and ozone as options, which are systems designed to decrease the need for chemicals in ongoing hot tub maintenance.  

The top-of-the-line Paragon filtration system is the same as the other Sunrise systems. But Hydropool’s Signature self-cleaning system is unique, not just in this comparison but in the larger marketplace. It is based on the same principles as a commercial or public pool, which is because Hydropool began as a commercial pool company. When it began building hot tubs, the company used the same standards that commercial pools are governed by, even though these are more rigorous than any measures that govern hot tubs.  

In a Hydropool self-cleaning hot tub that approach today still includes a top skimmer, a floor vacuum and a pressurized filter, which working together cleans all of your hot tub’s water every 15 minutes. The system is patented and unique in the market as a result.    

Hydropool vs Sunrise: Which hot tub costs less?  

With Sunrise Spas, what we saw is that you have to fill out a form on the company website to get a quote for each hot tub. Hydropool does publish its pricing for all of its hot tubs, you can check any model’s page and it will tell you what they start at. We believe that Hydropool’s Serenity and Sunrise’s SX are roughly the same, while Sunrise’s Paragon is slightly less than Hydropool’s Signature. We’d attribute that difference to the self-cleaning system standard on Hydropool.  

Hydropool vs Sunrise: Which hot tub has better massage?  

Hydropool’s massage features Zone Therapy across its hot tubs, which is a massage system designed so that you can move around the hot tub according to prescribed times, and in doing so guarantee a proper full-body massage. Hydropool partnered with a local doctor to develop the unique system.  

Sunrise’s S Series with the 230V promises “upgraded massage power” and some Paragon models come with as many as 64 jets, while the company overall promises “optimal hydrotherapy.” 

Hydropool vs Sunrise: Which is more efficient?  

When it comes to construction, Hydropool uses a steel frame on the Serenity and a wood frame on the Signature collection, while Sunrise goes with a galvanized streel frame throughout its collections. Both companies use an ABS bottom, to prevent animals from entering or rot happening at the ground level.  

The companies take a completely different approach to insulation, in a bid for energy efficiency: 

  • In a system that’s unique, a Sunrise spa uses Roxul, which is rockwool insulation, around the perimeter of the hot tub. Rockwool is a kind of insulation which has a feel of wool, but is actually made from molten rock which is then spun to create fibre. As an insulation, it’s flame-retardant and is used to grow cannabis (legally in Canada) among many other things. This style of insulation similar to how your house is insulated, and designed to keep heat inside.     
  • Hydropool uses a thermal-blanket-style insulation, which wraps the entire unit and also traps heat into the cabinet of the hot tub (in this case more like how a triple-paned window works). Hydropool also provides a wrap around all of the plumbing to hold it in place.  

Different approaches with the same intent is the order of the day here.  

Hydropool vs Sunrise: Which is best for you?  

Both of these Canadian hot tub builders have been around for decades. But their approach to making them is quite different, as they really aim at different parts of the overall marketplace with their hot tub models.  

Summing up the major differences between the brands: 

  • Hydropool features its unique self-cleaning system as well as its full-body Zone Therapy massage. It has a mid-range line in Serenity and a higher-end line in Signature, which has the extra standard features.  
  • Sunrise packs a lot of value into its lower line S, as the core elements of each hot tub are consistent throughout the entire lineup and each hot tub is built with a steel frame and ABS base. 

Which hot tub is right for you? It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you’d like to know more about Hydropool, we’d encourage you to download a brochure or check out our hot tub builder.   

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