Swim Spa Benefits: Your Ultimate Guide

By Jon Filson

Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

Published Apr 29, 2024

You've heard of a swim spa, perhaps you've even seen one. But are you convinced it's right for you? No, you're not, or chances are you wouldn't be reading this article.

And it might not be right for you! You might be better off installing a hot tub or a swimming pool. You might be better off frequenting a public pool or joining the YMCA and taking aquatic therapy lessons. You have possibly considered all of these options before showing an interest in a swim spa.

"What are the benefits of a swim spa?" We get asked that at our stores. And over time we get told the answers by swim spa owners.

Swim spas have been sold for nearly 40 years, almost as long as Hydropool has been around as a business. So we have heard a great deal of feedback. 

With that in mind, here's a list of the top swim spa benefits we've collected from our customers.



Swim spa benefits

The benefits of a swim spa are many, but vary from person to person:

  • Some people purchase them for wellness reasons: They want water-based workouts and aquatic exercise. 
  • Some purchase them because they see the benefit of a swim spa compared to a regular pool and a hot tub. It really combines the best of both worlds.
  • You can't swim laps in a swim spa, but you can swim forever in a straight line. Try doing that in a pool! Swim spas also have a compact size compared to a pool, so they fit into backyards easier. 
  • Hydropool's feature a powerful jet system which is used to generate a current. You're capable of swimming into without hitting the opposite side due to the powerful stream of water. The stream gives you a force you can swim against as long as you want. 
  • Some use the hot tub elements as much as the pool-specific elements. Massage seats feature powerful jets shooting water into muscle and joints. That can make relaxing in the warm water of a swim spa a true treat. People who have had physical injuries often consider swim spas, because the water adds a buoyancy during workouts.
  • Some purchase swim spas for the pure art of swimming. They just want to be able to swim as much as they can.
  • We have found that many of our buyers who have sustained injuries enjoy the benefits of swim spas. Aquatic exercise adds buoyancy, so that your limbs and joints are not taxed as much in the water. As a result, some use swim spas in post-injury recovery. 
  • Some swim spas combine the benefits of hot tubs and swim spas into one, with a dual purpose unit. These are called dual-temperature swim spas. These spas separate the hot tub element from the swimming tank, creating one open concept tank along with a tub. 
  • Swim spas are easy to use. Their control panels are simple, and function like hot tubs. On some you adjust the jets themselves to control the spray. On others you can dial in a swim from 1-10, just as you would on a treadmill. 
  • Swim spas are used by children, teenagers, friends and family. Swim spas create a space for you to be with your family that doesn't involve a screen of any kind. 

Is a swim spa right for you? 

A swim spa is right for anyone who wants the best of a pool and a hot tub. But that's only the most obvious benefit of owning one, whether it is from Hydropool or another company. 

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