Hydropool vs Marquis: Which is the Best Swim Spa?

By Jon Filson

Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

Published Apr 29, 2024

“Is your swim spa better than Marquis?” is a question we do get asked. We get asked to compare our swim spas to other brands frequently at our stores. Sometimes, it’s “what’s different about your swim spa?” and we understand that question too. Swim spas are a significant spend (although not as much as a swimming pool), and you want to know what you’re paying for before it is dropped into your backyard.  

Our hope with this article is that you get an understanding of what makes Marquis different from Hydropool. We always hope that each customer shopping for a swim spa chooses us and finds a swim spa in our lineup that fits their needs. But we understand that for a variety of reasons, people will find other products sometimes work better for them. We will consider: 

  • Model/Lineup Comparison 
  • Looks/Aesthetics 
  • Swim Capabilities 
  • Ease of Maintenance 
  • Price 

We hope to write this in the most unbiased way possible and explain what Marquis offers and what Hydropool does, so you can decide which is the right swim spa for you.  



Hydropool versus Marquis: Swim Spa Lineup Comparison

Marquis sells its swim spas under the term “ATV” – which stands for Aquatic Training Vessel. On the company website it says the swim spas are “engineered to perform in a variety of aquatic scenarios.” Hydropool has a slightly wider range of swim spa pools available and comes with customizable options so you can pick the level of swim – or range of swims – you’re looking for. Let’s do a model-by-model comparison: 

  • Marquis’ V collection is similar to Hydropool’s AquaPlay 13FFP. Marquis has a 14-foot swim spa called the V150 that measures up to the Hydropool 13-foot AquaPlay FFP. One version of the V150 has seats for four, just like the AquaPlay FFP. Another has seating for eight and is designed as a “huge party spa” on the ATV website. The ATV-14 Splash by Marquis is 14 feet long and again is similar to the AquaPlay, but with a little more room to work out in the hot tub area, as it has two seats instead of four or eight.   
  • Marquis next has the Sport series swim spa. It is similar to Hydropool’s AquaSport line of swim spas. Hydropool has 14-foot and 17-foot models, as does Marquis. 
  • The last model from Marquis is the ATV Kona, which is 17-feet. Its closest Hydropool is the AquaTrainer, which is also designed for intense swimming experiences along with a full range of aquafitness options.  
  • Hydropool also has the Executive Trainer series, which is its top-of-the-line swim spa, designed for elite swimming above all other purposes. There is no comparable model in the Marquis lineup.  

Hydropool versus Marquis: Which Swim Spa Looks Best?  

As always, looks are in the eye of the beholder. And we always recommend that people visit stores to see the swim spas in person before they buy, so they understand exactly the look and level of fit and finish they are getting.  

  • Marquis swim spas are unique in the swim spa category in how much blue and turquoise they feature as accent colors in the acrylic shell of some of the company’s swim spas. The Marquis cabinet colors offered are grey and brown. Hydropool offers black and driftwood grey cabinets, as well as a choice of three acrylics on most swim spas, all neutrals, with whites and light greys.  
  • The ATV line by Marquis features futuristic and modern lines, with clean, crisp edges and vents and grills that are inspired from sci-fi, like Marquis’ Vector 21 line of hot tubs. Hydropool counters with a soft approach, with rounded edges inside the acrylic where people are sitting or swimming.  
  • It’s worth noting that Marquis offers optional “Environments” that include body-clad matching steps and storage benches to accentuate the overall look.  

Which is best is close to a toss-up as personal preference will rule here. Hydropool swim spas are classic by design. Marquis features a mix of classic elements, such as the traditional panel, but more modern angled lines throughout.   

Hydropool versus Marquis: Which Swim Spa Provides a Better Swimming Experience?  

  •  In comparing model for model, the ATV Splash and V-series by Marquis are similar to the Hydropool AquaPlay. While all offer swimming capacity, the system designed to generate the current required for swimming exists in an entry-level format. It’s designed to let you try it, but your ability to change the strength of the current is limited, as is the strength of the current itself. Really, these are all places best for aquatic workouts or to be treated as a larger hot tub. 
  •  The Sport and Kona offer the ability to create a stronger jet current, clearly enough to disturb the surface of the water in the pictures and videos the company shows. The current is adjustable at the side of the swim. There are steps all the way into the tank area, which is handy, but it reduces the swim area a little bit. The tank edges are squared off, maximizing the swimming area.   
  •  Hydropool’s Aquatic line also uses jets to generate its current, but its acrylic shape features “hips” in the shell, which cause the water to curl around and form an eddy, which is then driven into an intake that absorbs any wave created by swimming, and creating a smooth, flat area to swim as a result.  
  •  The Hydropool Executive features jets that can be turned from 1-10, and adjusted just like a treadmill, and is designed without any hips on the sides, but with a massive current collector at one end, to again ensure the water is stabilized throughout your swim. 

Which swim is best? If this is a priority, we’d strongly urge you to see a dealer who lets you try out the swim spa before you buy. Hydropool creates a strong current that doesn’t disturb the surface water, while Marquis’ jets create more of a rapid effect. We think the difference is quite significant here in what type of current is created for your swim, and we’d urge you to see both in action before buying.  

Hydropool vs Marquis: Which Swim Spa has Easier Water Care?

The two companies have similar cleaning technology. For example, Hydropool swim spas feature what it calls Pure Water technology, which uses ozone and UV to eliminate contaminants, while Marquis uses a mineral cartridge and ozone for much the same effect.  

  •  A key difference is that Hydropool has bottom filtration with its self-cleaning system, as its swim spas are built like commercial pools, and both clean what’s on top of the water and on the bottom.  
  • Marquis also uses wood frames, while Hydropool uses steel.  
  • Lastly, for insulation, which helps your swim spa become energy efficient, Marquis uses full foam, which means the entire cabinet of the swim spa is filled with foam. This provides excellent insulation but can be difficult to service if a leak ever develops. Hydropool provides full foam in the middle of the swim spa but uses a thermal blanket on the edges to allow for servicing.  

Hydropool vs Marquis: Which is Better on Price for Swim Spas?  

We looked but couldn’t find pricing on the Marquis ATV website, which makes this section a difficult one to ascertain.  

  • We believe that in general, the company’s Splash prices will be cheaper than Hydropool’s compared against the AquaPlay. The V-series could be more than the AquaPlay.  
  • Hydropool is likely more expensive when it come to the AquaSport and AquaTrainer and Executive collection than comparable models from Marquis. 

Given the price gap, perhaps it is clear that Marquis and Hydropool are competing in different swim spa markets. Hydropool has developed varied swim spa technology and most of its models feature its unique self-cleaning. While it does carry an entry-level model in the AquaPlay collection, Hydropool pursues more of an elite swimming experience. Again, if you have any questions about value here, we’d encourage you to check out both brands in person before making your decision.  

A last word on price: Hydropool builds its swim spas in Mississauga, while Marquis is based in Dallas, Oregon in the United States. Shipping can impact pricing and it’s worth checking with your local retailer to discuss how this may affect your overall price.  

Hydropool and Marquis: Which Swim Spa is Best?  

Hydropool and Marquis are both known as builders of quality hot tubs and swim spas. Both started in 1980, with Hydropool beginning in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and Marquis in Oregon in the United States. So they have grown and developed on opposite ends of North America and their swim spas have evolved differently as well.  

Which is building the best swim will depend on what you’re looking for most of all. Hydropool is on the upper end of swim spas built in North America, with a wide range of models designed to offer anything from a place to play for families to an elite swimming experience that anyone up to triathletes can use to train. Marquis has a significant range of options as well, with fewer on the higher end, building its swim spas with a “variety of aquatic scenarios, from intense training to gentle conditioning and fitness, to stress-free relaxation and playtime,” according to its website.  

We hope that summation and this whole article helped you decide on which is the right swim spa for you to consider.  

  • When in doubt, we urge you to try it out, and if you would like to speak to a retailer to see Hydropool’s swim spas in person, please click here to find a list of retailers near you.

Disclaimer: In this article, we’ve used brand names not affiliated with Hydropool or Jacuzzi Brands LLC, the parent company of Hydropool. All information, including pricing and product details, was accurate at the time of writing and may change without notice.

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