Hydropool vs Marquis Hot Tubs: Which is the Best Hot Tub Brand?

By Jon Filson

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There are dozens of hot tub brands and if you’re not familiar with the brands, it can seem like they are all selling beautiful boxes of warmed water with little difference in-between. But if you look a little closer, you’ll be able to see different brands do emphasize different features and qualities of hot tubs, and those choices drive a smart consumer’s purchase. That way they will end up with the hot tub they want, rather than one that doesn’t suit their needs. It’s entirely possible you’ve done that, and that two of the brands you have narrowed your focus to include Hydropool and Marquis. In this article, we hope to spell out which hot tub brand will be right for you, in the most honest, unbiased way possible. We know it’s odd to have one company write about another. But we have been around as a company for more than 40 years and we have always understood there will be competition. We want people to know what they are getting with either product, in the most unbiased way we can. So in this article we will look at Hydropool and Marquis, assessing the following categories:

  • What’s the hot tub lineup of each brand?
  • Which hot tub looks best?
  • Which hot tub is easier to maintain?
  • Which hot tub is less expensive?
  • Which hot tub is better at massage?
  • Which hot tub is more efficient?

Hopefully, afterwards, you’l have a sense of which is the best hot tub for you.

Hydropool versus Marquis: What’s the Hot Tub Lineup of Each Brand?

  In terms of its approach to hot tubs, Marquis states on its website: “we don’t describe our spas as belonging to different “tiers” … of course, we do offer a variety of choices to meet a broad range of needs, expectations and household budgets. But even our most basic hot tubs are amazing. And if you desire the ultimate in performance, options and features, your hot tub experience only gets better.” For context, many hot tub companies offer a good/better/best approach with three collections. But Marquis has four collections, and as the company makes clear, the lines are not based on a clear hierarchy. For example, Marquis is a little different than much of the industry in that its Vector 21 line and its Crown line are comparable in terms of features and pricing but are designed differently and certainly look dramatically different (more on that shortly).   Hydropool also doesn’t follow the industry standard approach here: It doesn’t have an entry-level series in its lineup, forgoing it for two collections, the mid-level Serenity and the high-end Signature, with its unique self-cleaning function. Having said all that, here’s how to best compare the two brands:

  • Marquis: Of the four, Celebrity and Elite are less-expensive collections, while Vector and Crown cost a bit more.
  • Hydropool’s Serenity line compares with the top end of the Elite collection and remains competitive up to the middle of the Vector 21 series. Higher-end Vector 21s and Crowns would compete directly against Hydropool’s Signature models.

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Hydropool versus Marquis: Which Hot Tub Looks Better?

  •   Looks are always subjective, so choosing a winner here will depend on what you’re looking for and what works best with your home and backyard.
  • Hydropool takes a classic approach to hot tub design in both its Serenity and Signature collections. The cabinets of both collections simulate woodgrain and come in colors like browns, greys and blacks, with the interiors showcasing greys, whites, browns and blacks. The acrylic hot tub inserts have rounded lines, designed to be comfortable and seat you well, with excellent fit and finish. In comparison to Marquis, some of the Hydropool hot tubs will look conservative. That’s on purpose, as they are designed with the intention of blending in with existing backyards and features.
  • Marquis has a dramatic style, offering a wider range of looks and options. The Vector 21 line in particular stands out as unique, as its angled, futuristic styling looks like it was inspired from Star Wars, with wide grills that resemble an Imperial Storm Trooper turned into a hot tub – in a good way, we promise! Some creative seating stands out in Crown line, which includes the clever Summit, a six-person unit that features four seats on one side and two on the other. Where Marquis also shines is that the company has a wide variety of integrated elements such as bar packages and step packages that match the colours of the hot tubs.

Which is right for you? Again, we know this is a subjective approach. If you’re still wondering after reading this, we’d encourage you to see them in person.                

Hydropool versus Marquis: Which Hot Tub is Easier to Maintain?


Hydropool has a considerable emphasis on maintenance. So has Marquis. This is a key area for both companies.

  • Hydropool’s top-of-the-line Signature is a self-cleaning line of hot tubs that are built under the same, more rigorous, guidelines that commercial or public pools are built under. They come with top filters and a bottom vacuum element that combine to clean 100 per cent of your water every ten minutes. There’s nothing else quite like it on the market and the process is patented so it is unique to Hydropool. Here’s a video to help explain.
  • Hydropool’s mid-level Serenity system is closer to the industry standard. Serenity’s system is similar to Marquis’ in that they are both built to remove any particles from the top of the hot tub’s water surface. Serenity does also come with an additional filter catch bag that captures large particles pre-filter and two filters, each 50 square feet.
  • For Marquis, the Celebrity, Elite and Vector lines have one 60-square-foot filter, while the Crown comes with two.  Neither Hydropool or Marquis offers a circulation pump at this price point, while both have optional ozone. Celebrity and Vector do have a purification system, while Hydropool has what it calls its Pure Water sanitation system.
  • ConstantClean with SmartClean comes standard on all Marquis hot tubs. Its system filters 100 per cent of the water an average of 34 times per day in only 2-1/2 hours, as it doesn’t run all day. Marquis says the system is built to last longer as a result. Depending on which Marquis hot tub you select, it comes with either a single-filter or dual-filters.


  • Marquis’ Crown system uses what it calls ConstantClean+, which is a step up from the other models. According to the company website, the Constant Clean+, SmartClean software automatically schedules cleaning cycles twice per day in the Crown line. It senses when you use your hot tub, and automatically schedules a cleanup cycle after each use. It also features a mineral cartridge that treats the water for up to four months and a sanitizer that releases bromine or chlorine. Hydropool’s Pure Water system is comparable to the mineral cartridge approach, using ozone and ultraviolet light to kill bacteria while reducing the amount of chemical usage.


Hydropool vs Marquis: Which Hot Tub is Better at Massage?


When comparing hot tub massage capabilities, at all times it’s key to consider comparable models in each company’s lineup.

Marquis has a blue/red function with its jets that is unique in the market and a terrific idea. Essentially, it is a valve-control dial that when turned to blue turns on the jets marked with blue in the hot tub. When turned to red it turns on the red jets. Simple can be clever, and this is a smart, user-friendly idea by Marquis.

Now, onto the massage itself:

  • Hydropool’s Serenity vs Celebrity and the Elite jets are similar. They are industry-standard jets that are adjustable by hand. They will offer comparable massage as a result.
  • On lower-end Vector 21 and the mid to high-end Serenities, the Vector 21 offers more when it comes to massage. Bullfrog allows you to remove the whole jet pack, but Marquis allows you to move each jet and easily interchange the jets throughout the hot tub.
  • Move up to higher-end Vector 21 and Crown by Marquis, and those models have unique control valves and proprietary jetting.
  • Hydropool’s Signature counters with a full-body massage. It comes with a program that digitally flashes lights to show you how to move from seat to seat to ensure your entire body receives the best quality massage.

Do you want programs that help you ensure you get the massage you want? Then Hydropool might be your first look. Do you want an intuitive system that you can set yourself? Then Marquis has that part figured out well.

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Hydropool or Marquis: Which Hot Tub is less expensive?


We looked, but we couldn’t find pricing on Marquis’ website. Hydropool publishes the starting price of every model it has on its website.

  • So while we don’t know for sure, we believe the Serenity lines are right in the middle of the Elite and Vector 21 lines, while it is less than higher end Elites and Vector 21s.
  • We think Hydropool’s Signature hot tub is likely more expensive than the Crown line by Marquis by about 5 per cent, with the difference largely being the cost of the self-cleaning system that is unique to Hydropool. But again, we’re not sure here – it’s the best estimate we can give you.

One big thing to mention: Shipping is a consideration here. Marquis hot tubs are made in Oregon, while Hydropool’s are built in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. You will want to talk to your retailer to understand what the shipping costs are before you buy as a result.

Hydropool or Marquis: Which Hot Tub is More Efficient?


Here are the major points of consideration, when it comes to hot tub energy efficiency:

  • Marquis builds hot tubs out of cedar and a fir. Hydropool uses steel on the Serenity line and wood on the Signature line.
  • For insulation, Celebrity and Elites are wrapped around the inside of the hot tub cabinet. A full-foam option is offered. Hydropool has a thermal blanket that works like a triple-paned window, trapping the pump’s residual heat to keep your hot tub warm and your energy bill low.
  • Vector 21 by Marquis uses full foam, while the Crown does as well. Hydropool used to use this method but switched to the thermal blanket approach because it provides comparable insulation while also being easier to service. 

Which is right for you? Both companies are compliant with the California Energy Commission, which has the strictest standards for insulation and efficiency in the world.

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Hydropool versus Marquis: Who Builds the Better Hot Tub?


In this article, we took a look at two major hot tub brands, Marquis and Hydropool. We did that because while both builders are recognized as top-notch hot tub manufacturers, each company approaches making hot tubs in a different way, with different priorities and perspectives.

When comparing these two companies, you can see it best of all in the product lines. Hydropool is a classic hot tub company, while Marquis has broadened its product line with creative seating and futuristic design options available.

That may be enough to make a decision for you, or it may be that the company’s approach to energy efficiency or massage was closer to what you wanted. We wanted to do our best to explain each company’s approach, so you could feel educated before you bought, and so we could help you figure out which hot tub was right for you.

  • If the right hot tub was Hydropool, or if you just had any more questions for us, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a Hydropool hot tub retailer by clicking here.




Disclaimer: In this article, we’ve used brand names not affiliated with Hydropool or Jacuzzi Brands LLC, the parent company of Hydropool. All information, including pricing and product details, was accurate at the time of writing and may change without notice.


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