Swim Spa Review: Endless vs Hydropool

By Jon Filson

Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

While considering swim spas, sooner or later you’re going to start comparison shopping. Often, these two brands will be Endless Pools and Hydropool. Both are pioneers in the world of swim spas and well-known swim spa manufacturers. 

Each was an early developer of swim spa technology. Endless Pools originated the swim spa in 1980. They did this essentially by dropping an engine into a pool which created a current to swim against.

Meanwhile, Hydropool was the first to develop a stand-alone portable swim spa, selling it in Canada in the mid-1980s.   

Which is the best swim spa? That’s a question we get frequently at Hydropool. We know Endless Pools is a quality brand, and we know people will consider it alongside Hydropool’s swim spas.

That’s why we’ve written this piece, to break down the differences between the two brands. That way you can make an educated decision when choosing which one is right for you.

We are going to look at the following categories:

  • Which Swim Spa Looks Best? 
  • Which is Easier to Maintain?
  • Which has a Better Swim? 
  • Which has a Better Price? 
  • Which is a Better Company? 
  • Which is Best on Features? 

Lastly, we’ll sum it all up and let you decide which is the right swim spa for you! 

 Endless Pools Swim Spa vs Hydropool Swim Spa: The Matchup

  • Endless has R or Rec Sport Series, which has three jets and two pumps.
  • It compares directly to the Hydropool Play Series, which has two round jets and two pumps. Pumps come on and off, without adjustments in both. The Play has much more of a spa feel to it. The swim spa features bench seating, while the Rec has four seats and no benches. 
  • The X or Swim Cross series compares directly to the Hydropool Sport series, in either Aquatic or Executive trims. Swim Cross has four jets to create its swim current as part of the SwimCross Exercise system. Meanwhile the Hydropool has two swim jets and one buoyancy jet. 
  • Our AquaTrainer, part of our Aquatic Collection, well, there's really nothing that compares head-to-head with that at Endless. We have an in-between before we get to the top of the line. 
  • The Hydropool Executive compares directly to the E series by Endless Pools. Both of these are elite-level swim systems, which Hydropool bills as "the perfect swim."  

Which Swim Spa Looks Best?

 Swim spas are large structures in your backyard: You want them to look good as a result. Both Endless Pools and Hydropool take a classic approach to their swim spas.

There are a few points of difference. For example, Endless Pools swim spas have lighting under the lip of the acrylic which creates a nice glow effect. Hydropool has a more minimalist approach, meant to blend into your backyard rather than stand out. 

The choice comes down to … This is flash versus class. Both are great, depending on who you are. So which look do you prefer?

Endless Pools allows more options to dress your pool up. At Hydropool, we have designed our models in a more simple manner, to fit in.

Which Swim Spa is Easier to Maintain?

To understand the difference in running costs it’s best to learn about the history of each company.

Hydropool was a commercial swimming pool company before it became a swim spa and hot tub builder. Its swim spas are built to the same standards as commercial pools' filtration systems.

The company patented the technology behind this method. Hydropool uses it in its swim spas and calls it self-clean. Self-clean is available on both the Aquatic and Executive lines.

Endless Pools created the swim spa industry. The company first did it by dropping a machine capable of creating a current into an in-ground pool.

The two companies offer similar AOP and ozone systems. 

Endless Pools, like Hydropool, is certified by the California Energy Commission. The CEC is the world’s strictest regulator on hot tubs and swim spas.

The choice comes down to … Endless Pools uses a system that is the standard across the industry. Hydropool’s self-clean technology is unique in the marketplace. 

Which Swim Spa Has the Better Swim?

How each company generates its swim is done completely differently. 

Endless Pools: Endless Pools began as a company that dropped a motor into an in-ground pool to create a current. It has jet systems and propeller systems. With the propeller, the motor takes up some space at the front of the swim spa. The motor creates a current well-known to be smooth and that goes straight down the middle of the swim spa.

You can swim in the middle of the spa without requiring a tether, which many other swim spas do. The swim spas are strong enough that they are capable of generating current for elite athletes. 

Hydropool: Hydropool uses jet technology to create its current. Most jets, when used to create current, end up creating frothy water, and you end up essentially swimming into a rapid.

Hydropool has a unique Twin-V-Jet technology. It first calms the water down, then evenly pushes it out towards the swimmer in a strong, wide pattern.

Unique to Hydropool, current speeds are variable. You can set your current from elite-level swimmer down to a weaker one on its top-of-the-line models. 

The choice comes down to … We’d encourage you to try both before you buy. Shop at a retailer where you can actually use the swim spa before purchasing.

Both of these swims are considered among the best you can buy but they are different experiences. It’s also worth noting that both companies allow you to track your progress with digital tools. Endless has an app while Hydropool uses FORM goggles.  

Which Swim Spa is Better on Price?

How much is the Endless Pool? Pricing for these swim spas is similar. Each builder has a good, better, best approach (all prices are for the time of this writing): 

Endless Pools R collection is comparable to Hydropool’s Play, which is currently listed at $25,395 (all prices Canadian dollars)

X collection is similar to Hydropool’s Aquatic, which starts at $39,995, at the time of this writing.

Endless Pools E collection is similar to Hydropool’s Executive, which is listed at $40,795, at the time of this writing. 

The choice comes down to … This section is a bit of a guess. We are using approximates for Endless Pools. This is because we don’t know their specific prices (we looked online but couldn't see pricing). Hydropool does publish its price for its swim spas: you can see for yourself here

Which Swim Spa is a Built Better?

Headquartered in Aston, Pennsylvania, Endless didn’t start selling acrylic swim spas until about a decade ago. The company still sells its original model, which is known as “The Original.” The company is owned by Watkins Wellness, which owns multiple hot tub manufacturers, including Hot Spring and Caldera. Its swim spas are built in Mexico.

Hydropool started manufacturing acrylic swim spas about 35 years ago, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. That's where its manufacturing and its head office is still based. It is known more for its swim spas than its hot tubs, but it builds both at the same location.

Hydropool is owned by Investindustrial, which also owns hot tub and swim spa brands such as Jacuzzi, Sundance and Dimension 1. 

Each company insulates its models differently. Endless Pools employs a perimeter insulation system, designed to trap heat in.

 Hydropool uses a similar blanket method. But instead of using it on the perimeter, it puts in full foam in about three-quarters of the swim spa. That helps hold plumbing in place and offers increased insulation. 

The choice comes down to … Does it matter to you where your swim spa is built? Does it matter to you how it is insulated? You have options to choose from there.

Which Swim Spa has the Best Features?

 Each company has different points of emphasis on its swim spas. A couple of elements to look out for that make each brand unique:

Endless Pools: You can buy a running treadmill you can put directly in your swim spa. Unique in the industry, it’s an actual treadmill and part of one of Endless Pools fitness systems.

Hydropool: Hydropool features quality engineering. It is worth noting that its swim spas feature the company’s same massage offered in its Hydropool hot tubs. That massage was developed by athletic therapists to provide athletes with a full-body massage and feature quality hydromassage seats.

It also has a unique shell design that removes what’s called a reflective wave. A reflective wave is what happens when a wave hits a wall: It generally comes right back at you. In a swim spa, this wave can disrupt the current, making it harder to swim against.

In the Executive, suction is placed to inhale that wave instead of pitching it back into the water. It’s a small bit of engineering with a big payoff for any swimmer. 

Which is the Better Swim Spa: Endless Pools versus Hydropool


There is no universal winner here that is just right for every person. You must still decide which swim spa is right for you. You have options here:

For Endless:

At the top end, Endless Pools offers a treadmill in its pool, something no other swim spa builder has available. 

It has great colors options and many options that can make your swim spa look more like a pool. 

It has an excellent swim, with a propeller motor placed in the swim spa itself. 

For Hydropool:

It is easy to maintain, with its self-clean technology. 

It features leading massage capability.

It has an excellent swim, created by V-Twin Jet technology. 

We know people comparison shop and we want to be transparent about what we’re building and why. We have a different product than Endless Pools, and we want to be clear about what we’re selling. Hydropool makes a great swim spa, and we hope it’s right for you. But we totally understand if you’re interested in other swim spas as well. 

Are you ready to talk to a Hydropool dealer? If so, click here to find the one closest to you.

Disclaimer: In this article, we’ve used brand names not affiliated with Hydropool or Jacuzzi Brands LLC, the parent company of Hydropool. All information, including pricing and product details, was accurate at the time of writing and may change without notice.

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