AquaPlay 13FFP

#AquaPlay 13FFP

Hydropool Swim Spas - AquaPlay 13-foot

Individual cross-training mini-pool with the athlete in mind.

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Shell Options

  • Silver Marble

Cabinet Options

  • Driftwood

Never has there been more family fun packed into such a small 
aquatic space! This new Family Fun Pool comfortably fits up to 10 adults 
and is equipped with Wellness Programs with Zone Therapy to deliver 
maximum hydrotherapy and stress relief. The new 13FFP features 32 
hydrotherapy jets for maximum massage, a Lily Pad Filtration System to 
ensure your water is safe and crystal clear, and upgraded foam insulation that delivers outstanding energy efficiency, all this for worry-free year-round enjoyment. 
The hydrotherapy jets are positioned in each corner of the swim spa to 
target specific muscle groups. The ergonomic seat design cradles your 
body to provide extra comfort and support. You're all set for the ultimate 
in family fun and relaxation, and you can invite the neighbors to join in.

  • Safety steps
  • 4 Lit Water Fall Jets
  • 2 Round Swimjets


AquaPlay 13FFP

Weight Full 12983 lbs / 5891 kg
Weight Empty 1760 lbs / 799 kg
Shell Length 150" / 381 cm
Shell Width 93" / 236 cm
Shell Height 52.75" / 134 cm
Volume 1340 US gallons / 5092 L
Seating 8-10


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