AquaPlay 12FFP

#AquaPlay 12FFP

Individual cross-training mini-pool with the athlete in mind.

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Shell Options

  • Silver Marble

Cabinet Options

  • Driftwood

This Swim Spa is designed to maximize the seating area by adding bench seating. Entrance from three sides allow customers lots of versatility when installing this unit.

  • Safety steps
  • 4 Lit Water Fall Jets
  • 2 Round Swimjets


AquaPlay 12FFP

Weight Full 18445 lbs / 8369 kg
Weight Empty 2532 lbs / 1149 kg
Shell Length 150" / 381 cm
Shell Width 93" / 236 cm
Shell Height 49 Inches / 124 cm
Volume 1229 US gallons / 4670 L
Seating 9 Hydrotherapy Seats


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