Serenity 2 Special Edition - Europe Only


2 Person Spa - Seats 2 - 3 people comfortably

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If you want a quality spa that fits easily into a small space, consider the Serenity 2 Special Edition Spa, it is an indoor hot tub to fit small spaces. Enjoy a stylish design and unique features you might expect to find only in much larger spas. Compact enough for a second floor deck, yet roomy enough for you to stretch out and relax, the Serenity 2 Special Edition Hot Tub is an ideal choice for a first hot tub or changing lifestyles.


Serenity 2 Special Edition - Europe Only

Weight Full 875 kg
Weight Empty 210 cm
Shell Length 120 cm
Shell Width 210 cm
Shell Height 74 cm
Seating 2-3

2 Tier Universal Step 

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